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Milla Maxwell Tales of Xillia fanart

By Gx3RComics
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You forgot something at class and run out only to see a girl floating on the surface of water, trying to break into a sewer grate.

You go to ask her what she's doing and all she does is turn and put a finger to her lips and "shh".

Things only get weirder from here....

Me and the game:
Tales of Xillia quickly became one of my top RPGs I've played. I bought it after seeing fanart of her and was like "This ...looks like it'll be fun". I wasn't disappointed, it's a very, very fun game from the story to the characters and the combat really reeled me into it. Milla is an odd one and she really linked with me...well not LITERALLY since that's a thing in the game, but I dunno it's hard to explain. She's a well done character and I feel captures how a GOD might feel when interacting with the people she's never been directly around.

Milla Maxwell © Bandai Namco
Art by Mike Girardin

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This is a great picture though none-the-less 
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Thanks doodle <3