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oh yeah hi sorry i asked for no pickles actually

Gift painting for Pherigo of his awesome character, Thorn.

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Magnificent! 😳

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That’s beautiful! And the title- hjfghkshvj

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Thank you, hahaha!

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Still blown away by. this piece, dude, it's really incredible! The colors alone are eye-catching but the DETAILS man, the details are amazing. Always a treat to see your work

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Thank you so much, it was a joy to draw him!! I'm so glad to hear you like it.

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Omg! This is incredibly impressive! The details are so amazing! :wow:

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Thank you <3

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Wow, I saw the speedpaint of this wonderful work and I loved it, your way of doing it first with grays is incredible. Beautiful finish.

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Yay! Dragons reign. S.

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Plot twist: He asked for cucumbers

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Wooow i really love the detailing and lighting work here!. Amazing work!.

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The drawing is amazing and what more, the title is pure gold :D

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Ahaha thanks!

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holy shit this deserves more attention, this is some high quality shit I like it!

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Aw thank you!

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This looks sick. The lighting the attenntion to detail...... How much pain did you send your wrist through?

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Ahaha thanks! It actually didn't take that long - procreate says it took about three and a half hours. so really not that bad at all!

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It has really ncie energy to it :love: i luv it. And details to scales - how long did it take to do that?

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Thanks! According to Procreate, about three and a half hours, so not too long at all!

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That's not so bad at all! Keep it up! ^^

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