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Pins - Fullmetal Alchemist 2

Commissions have taken up a fair bit of my pin making lately, but I'm slowly working on the suggestions people have made in between. I decided to start with Scar as I had patterns for Hughes and Ling, but no pictures.

Honestly, Hughes and Ling aren't terribly interesting, but I thought Scar came out really nice, so I decided to upload this here after all. It's good to finally have him in the group!

These are pins (or sometimes magnets) that I make out of craft foam with a little help from fabric paint and markers. I make patterns out of cardboard so that I can remake the characters again and again. They are all hand traced, cut with scissors, and glued.

For commission info, go here: [link]

Fullmetal Alchemist (c) Hiromu Arakawa
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Cute! I saw this on a DIY list article. :) 
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Aw. Maes.. Right in the feels.
GwydionAE's avatar
Ugh, I hear ya! Glad you like my FMA pins! ^_^
FullMetalEpicness's avatar
can i have teh hues 1 ppppllleeeeaaaassseeeeee!!!!!! i love hues! XP
GwydionAE's avatar
LOL Well I do actually take commissions (more info in my journal here: [link]), so yes, you could! XD
FullMetalEpicness's avatar
Nowthat I read that, Yay! I want an Edward Doric one please! I will try to convince my mom to give me five bucks to buy it
GwydionAE's avatar
Haha, sure, it'd be no problem. ^_^ Just send me a Note if you are able to get one and we'll go from there!
Tecniasta's avatar
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Haha, thanks (and for the fav)! ^_^
xNOBLEx's avatar
Hughes? Love it! :D
GwydionAE's avatar
xNOBLEx's avatar
Ok, NOW I technically love it. :)
Di-Gon's avatar
They look awesome!! Especially Scar, he looks so cool =D
(at first, I had mistaken Ling's eyes as his eyebrows :rofl: )
GwydionAE's avatar
Haha, thanks (and for all the faves)! ^_^ I was really happy with how Scar came out, and yeah, those squinty eyes just don't translate too well into the "eyes only" look. XD
souleater193's avatar
AFSGASHANA!!!!! LING >.< ~runs into screen~
GwydionAE's avatar
Ahhh, watch out! Oooh... too late... XD

(And thanks for the fav! <3)
BlueSpookyKat's avatar
aw i luv ling and hughes >w<
GwydionAE's avatar
Haha, thanks! ^_^
heart--land's avatar
So cute *v* I love how you did Ling's fringe, annd Scar's bright red eyes :)
GwydionAE's avatar
Haha, thanks (and for the fav) - I'm glad you like them! ^_~
TopazTigerCreations's avatar
holy crap!! These are hilariously amazing!!
GwydionAE's avatar
Hahaha, thanks so much! ^_~
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