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Yet another clever gal by GWKTM
Now since the new character, 
Sophie, is finished, I'm looking for co-writers to help with the screenplay where Guyus and Sophie's date gets distracted by someone or something, forcing them to do something about it. Meanwhile I and the inbetweeners try to get the first Guyus Shortfilm finished.

Genre: Slapstick
Happens in: You decide
Length (imagining the finished shortfilm that has no narrations and stuff): Longer than 5 minutes

- Physical gags
- Slapsticks

Not allowed
- Gass/fart jokes
- Diaper stuff
- Ultra violence/gore
- Dramatic/too serious
- Muscle fetish, weight gain, hyper etc
- Transgender
- Vore

The shortfilm won't make its way to Valentine's day, but it'll see the daylight in some point.

If anybody has ideas or is willing to write the screenplay, leave a comment here or contact me via 
Journal updated 6.11.2018. Updates are underlined

I'm planning a series of non profit shortfilms for my fursona, Guyus Matlow. If my calculations are right, the first shortfilm that we have in works, Playground Bully, has one minute and 31 secs left to inbetween, so if anybody is willing to join me and other inbetweeners, you may not need to inbetween but for just 1-3 scenes.

These shortfilms should be the homage to the millenial cartoons. I have finished scripts for first two shortfilms and started out with four next ones. To finish them I might need co-writers.

Synopsis of Playground bully:
Guyus the raptor and his sidekick Terry get distracted by Bogart at the playground. Gladly, Guyus has a trick or two of his own against such spoilsports.

We're having good status with inbetweeners so far, but I keep this part up in case of anymore setbacks

Inbetweeners involved so far:
:iconmoonbut: (left project)
:iconmf99k: (left project)
:iconpasteloween: (left project)
:iconmechathefox: (left project)
TiClaStudios from Discord (left project)
:iconaaryankhakan: (finished his share)
:iconbronson365: (unsure)
Gotham B from Newgrounds
Ahzircon from FA
Nate S. and SoulReaverFo from Discord

Genre: Slapstick
Technic: Cel/fps animation
Style: Wang Film, Kennedy Cartoons, Toon City
Software: Adobe Flash Pro CS5.5 (or forward/backward compatible), Toon Boom Animate or other program that supports .fla files
Resolution: 856x480 (will be rescaled into 720p with Svivel once finished)
Duration: Over 4 minutes. The future shortfilms may vary from 4-7 minutes.
Payment: Llama per person after s/he finishes his/her shares succesfully.

And Guyus's full modelsheet bellow (I'll update them once I get a chance):
Guyus ''Guy'' Matlow (animation model sheet 1/3) by GWKTM Guyus ''Guy'' Matlow (animation model sheet 2/3) by GWKTM Guyus ''Guy'' Matlow (animation model sheet 3/3) by GWKTM

For better reference, see these sneak peeks we got done so far:
Guyus - Full Sample #2 by GWKTM Guyus - Full sample #1 (50fps) by GWKTM

Within November 2018. This time it's ultimate

You can contact me either here, my FA, my YouTube-channel or 
Character bios and other instructions will be given once responded.