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N. Sane Trilogy, but Crash isn't awful by GWKTM N. Sane Trilogy, but Crash isn't awful by GWKTM
If at least one thing was done better in NST.

Made this one with Blender using CTR's promo art as reference. With this I'll at least make promo art for the fangame I'm making.

Btw, that fangame is progressing. I managed to get as many character models as I thought I need, and got few co-programmers to help.

I've also come up with a synopsis too:
Dr. Cortex has taken control of the satellite, with which he's now able to turn inhabitants into his mindless slaves - or use it to some other evil purposes. With help of N. Gin, it's now equipped with a plasma beam, with which Cortex thought he could vanish Crash and Coco before beginning his operation. Just one hit and Cortex thought he finally got rid of the middling bandicoots, BUUUT, Aku Aku managed to shield them with his powers. Once again it's up to Crash Bandicoot to put the end to Cortex's scemes!

If anybody has ideas for game's title or better synopsis, please leave a comment.

Crash Bandicoot courtesy of Activision
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May 22, 2018
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