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Guess I should've posted this way earlier, but just in case it isn't too late already.

Activision, Vicarious Visions and Beenox have been tarnishing the Crash Bandicoot franchise long enough, and it must end! They've turned all four of Naughty Dog's original Crash games into retard piece of shit, which are now threatning to supersede the original PS1 versions.

What's even worse, fans like them! It's like their better judgement and self-respect were weaken by the years of delay, so that they'd be shallow enough to fall for an imposter, and blind enough to all the intentional flaws! A bastardization that only pretends to be the original (like several TV reboots)!

And then there are the new fans who won't ever access the originals - or probably even know they exist - and are given these N. Sane abominations instead! Imagine what they would think of seeing footage of original Crash games afterwards?

And what happens to those who prefer original over the imposter? They're forced to choose between surrendering and perishing. Perishing as in silencing, leaving the fandom, or in worst case, a suicide.

We may not be able to convince Activision, Vicarious Visions or Beenox to fix N. Sane Travesty and CTR Nitro-Fucked up, but together we can prevent it from becoming a permanent norm, so that next Crash games wouldn't share the same shitty N. Sane likeness.

One way I know so far is a new fangame, Crash N. Eurosis, my co-programmer and I are working on. It'll capture the likeness of original PS1 Crash way better than the pieces of shit mentioned above. A new Crash game with classic presentation and formula, and amazing gimics. Like Sonic Mania is.

Anyway, at first we need to know how many there are to prefer original PS1 Crash over the N. Sane one, so if anybody does, leave a comment here.

PS. Douchy, discouraging and sadistic comments are not welcome
An unlucky number (#SaveYourInternet) (updated)
Ok, so what are the odds that the opposers of article 17 (formerly known as article 13) will be voted to EU parlament? And what are the odds they'll succesfully take down that article?

It's also unclear how harsh article 17 will be exactly if passed?

PS. if you know better ref for bleeding slit, let me know and I'll update this image with it

#saveyourinternet #article13 #article17 #stopacta2
Updated 9.4.2019

Howdy! Most of you have seen my shortfilm Guyus and the playground bully. In case you haven't, you can watch it here:
Guyus and playground bully (animated shortfilm) by GWKTM

But the fun is only beginning. I planned this being a series of multiple shortfilms, and I'm seeking for unpaid assistance in case some of people who helped with Playground Bully aren't available.

Here are the roles required:

Plot/synopsis ideas
If you got any plot ideas for the shortfilms, please let me know. But remember, it'll be hit or miss if I accept the suggestion or not, so don't get upset.

Here are some ideas that I came up with and hope to be extended and detailed:
  • Guyus and Sophie having a date, which gets distracted by someone and something, forcing them to do something about it
    (I came up with one where Guyus and Sophie are playing with kite and Bogart tries to harm the kite, but I'm open for better suggestions)
  • Some winter-episode with Guyus, Terry and Ervin
  • School-episode where Guyus has conflicts with his teacher

In case I run out of ideas when writing a screenplay, or if you have a story to suggest. If you write full screenplay yourself, be warned that I'll tweak it before using it.
The further documentation of each character will be given to every recruit.

- Physical gags
- Slapstick
- Puns

Not allowed
- Gass/fart jokes
- Diaper stuff
- Ultra violence/gore
- Dramatic/too serious
- Muscle fetish, weight gain, hyper etc
- Transgender/genderbending, whichever you refer it as
- Vore

BG artists
In case :iconkaisumisu:, :iconmightyraptor: or Inku aren't able to reprise their roles. Mostly it's me doing sketches with flat colors that you enhance and detail the way I instruct.

Key animators
I too can do key animating, but with multiple people this too could be easier and faster. This should be easy, as you won't do very smooth movement, and some frames will be left rough. This requires more attention to model sheets and art style than inbetweening, cause inbetweeners can also follow the keyframes. Model sheets and further guidelines will be given to every recruit.

Required software:
Adobe Flash CS5.5 (or compatible version), Adobe Animate (or compatible), Toonboom or other software that supports .fla and .swf formats.

Animation of Playground bully was inbetweened by 14 inbetweeners. In case some of them are unable to reprise, I'm open for more. Model sheets and further guidelines will be given to every recruit.

Required software:
Adobe Flash CS5.5 (or compatible version), Adobe Animate (or compatible), Toonboom or other software that supports .fla and .swf formats.

Clean up and colorists:
This too could be easier when multiple people are doing it. While us animators finish what is left, clean uppers and colorists can finish what is already animated and inbetweened.

Required software:
Adobe Flash CS5.5 (or compatible version), Adobe Animate (or compatible), Toonboom or other software that supports .fla and .swf formats.

Voice actors, you ask? Not needed atm, but once I get new screenplay and storyboard written, I'll update the announcement

So if anybody is interested to fulfil any of these roles, leave a reply here, note me or contact via

Thank you for your support and attention!


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Guyus Matlow
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
Howdy! GWKTM is now at DeviantArt as well! Here I post my visual art, animation tests and animations that I'm not sure of posting to YouTube.

I also make gift arts/unpaid commissions to other artist - furries mostly - which will come in any of these forms:
- Stills
- Animation model sheets
- CGi models
- Animations

For more content, you can check any of these links:

Welcome and enjoy your stay!

Guyus the raptor (c) GWKTM
Any other copyrighted content you'll find this gallery belong to their respective owners. No profit or copyright infringement intended.


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