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The war against the directive has just begun!

The war against the directive has just begun!

Since I reached 100 updates in my previous post (), I decided to make another post so that I can avoid that space limit issue. And we begin with two things. First: About CASE Act thing, from what I heard, the chances to be approved are very very low. Second: check this post out. It might be a possible date for the next meeting (I think), but this link contains all the main issues and problem of this cursed directive. I thank for the info and for the post. Spread this around and welcome to the battle. UPDATE: I've heard that CASE Act has been voted. But before yo

Dont give up!!

Dont give up!!

I just want to say guys pls dont lose hope over this. Im sure everything will turn out just fine. Also based on every action that countries has taken i can safely say that they are worried about Article 17 minus France cause they suck i mean the French governtment not the people. Anyways we have organizations on our side, Julia Reda's project to minimise the damage for users and the most importantly we have a freaking case going on and that is Poland's case. If the court succeeds on removing the directive then we are saved. But if they fail badly removing the parts without screwing around the directive then it should be removed completely cause this directive violates our human rights. The Court of Justice does represent the whole of Europe not just single country so thats why dont lose hope and keep your guard high. You may never know the life its full of surprises even if its good or bad so thats why dont panic and DONT listen to those pessimists who say we lost the war. Fuck them.
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