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An unlucky number (#SaveYourInternet) (updated)
Ok, so what are the odds that the opposers of article 17 (formerly known as article 13) will be voted to EU parlament? And what are the odds they'll succesfully take down that article?

It's also unclear how harsh article 17 will be exactly if passed?

PS. if you know better ref for bleeding slit, let me know and I'll update this image with it

#saveyourinternet #article13 #article17 #stopacta2
Pamela Matlow
Guess I made her little too skinny for this one. Well, maybe next time I get her right.

Species: Anthro-velociraptor
Breed: Unknown atm
Gender: Female
Known age: Guess yourself this time.
Body traits (pretty self-aware, but just in case):
- Green scaley skin with dark-green stripes and light-green belly that is connected to jaw
- Yellow feathers on head and tail
- Yellow eyes
- Eyelashes

Pamela is Guyus's mother. She treats and serves her son well and knows what he likes and what not.

However, taking care of a hatchling as tricky as Guyus isn't always as easy as it's mostly. Pamela often hears from school or in the news if Guyus causes trouble outdoors. However, instead of cold-hearted punishing, Pamela has a couple of special ways to discipline her son without harming their relation.

Reference and guidelines coming soon

Guyus ''Guy'' Matlow (simplified reference)
Updated 4.5.2019

Further model sheet:
Page 1page 2page 3

Known nicknames: Guy, GWKTM (Guy who knew too much), G-Mate
Species: Anthro-velociraptor
Breed: Unknown atm
Gender: Male
Known age: 8-9

Body traits (pretty self-explenatory, but just in case):
- Green scaley skin with dark-green stripes and light-green belly that is connected to jaw
- Pink feathers on head and tail

Bios (I'll just hope some of this won't cause misunderstandings):
A green anthro-raptor hatchling, Guyus is as inventile as kids in his age are in average, and even cuter than that, but is also known to be the smartest kid in his home neighbourhood. Not to mention that he has an outscoring talent as an audiovisual artist and an own YouTube-channel.

However, Guyus knows about one thing more than another, which sometimes gets him into a conflict with some adults, mostly with ones who tout him controversal notions, want to change him massively or just hate him for void reasons and want to get rid of him.

Guyus often defends himself against such people with a range of clever questions and theories, growth gland* peculiar in his breed and well trained toon skills, all making him immortal and indistructable. As result, most of Guyus's victims rather lose their minds than stand corrected. Guyus exploits his claws and teeth rather to other porpuses.

But not everyone hates Guyus, thats for sure. Usually he's friendly enough to make friends with other kids and sometimes even with older furries. He pays positive attention especially to girls and ladies. And like he often says, he rather loves because of cuteness or loveliness, than because of "hotness".

*Guyus's raptor breed is known to differ from others by a "growth gland", which's origin still remains a mystery. With this even Guyus himself can grow to gigantic propotions, and of course, return to normal. They can't shrink under their normal size though.

Due to size-shifting ability, Guyus doesn't usually wear any clothes unless posing for artworks or fooling others with disguise. But most frequently people see him wearing purple-cyan cap, purple-pink shades, big headphones or all at once depending of need.

- Slapstick
- Cel/FPS animation (no matter is it software or handdrawn, smooth or VGA)
- Line art
- Flat or shaded
- Keep Guyus in his age
- If feathers are too difficult to animate, you can try simplifying them

Not allowed
- Anime
- Bonerigged 2D animation (unless animatronics)
- CalArts type retard style
- Ultra violence/gore
- Dramatic/too serious
- Profound narrative

- Muscle fetish, weight gain etc
- Female/transgender
- Shrinkth under his normal size
- Vore
CGi (I already made a CGi model, which'll have its own guidelines when used more often)

Might sound little too much, but I might subtract (or add more) or simplify depending of how others are gonna depict Guyus

If you have a need of evading the guidelines, you need to ask my permission and give a practical example of your attempt.

Updated 9.4.2019

Howdy! Most of you have seen my shortfilm Guyus and the playground bully. In case you haven't, you can watch it here:
Guyus and playground bully (animated shortfilm) by GWKTM

But the fun is only beginning. I planned this being a series of multiple shortfilms, and I'm seeking for unpaid assistance in case some of people who helped with Playground Bully aren't available.

Here are the roles required:

Plot/synopsis ideas
If you got any plot ideas for the shortfilms, please let me know. But remember, it'll be hit or miss if I accept the suggestion or not, so don't get upset.

Here are some ideas that I came up with and hope to be extended and detailed:
  • Guyus and Sophie having a date, which gets distracted by someone and something, forcing them to do something about it
    (I came up with one where Guyus and Sophie are playing with kite and Bogart tries to harm the kite, but I'm open for better suggestions)
  • Some winter-episode with Guyus, Terry and Ervin
  • School-episode where Guyus has conflicts with his teacher

In case I run out of ideas when writing a screenplay, or if you have a story to suggest. If you write full screenplay yourself, be warned that I'll tweak it before using it.
The further documentation of each character will be given to every recruit.

- Physical gags
- Slapstick
- Puns

Not allowed
- Gass/fart jokes
- Diaper stuff
- Ultra violence/gore
- Dramatic/too serious
- Muscle fetish, weight gain, hyper etc
- Transgender/genderbending, whichever you refer it as
- Vore

BG artists
In case :iconkaisumisu:, :iconmightyraptor: or Inku aren't able to reprise their roles. Mostly it's me doing sketches with flat colors that you enhance and detail the way I instruct.

Key animators
I too can do key animating, but with multiple people this too could be easier and faster. This should be easy, as you won't do very smooth movement, and some frames will be left rough. This requires more attention to model sheets and art style than inbetweening, cause inbetweeners can also follow the keyframes. Model sheets and further guidelines will be given to every recruit.

Required software:
Adobe Flash CS5.5 (or compatible version), Adobe Animate (or compatible), Toonboom or other software that supports .fla and .swf formats.

Animation of Playground bully was inbetweened by 14 inbetweeners. In case some of them are unable to reprise, I'm open for more. Model sheets and further guidelines will be given to every recruit.

Required software:
Adobe Flash CS5.5 (or compatible version), Adobe Animate (or compatible), Toonboom or other software that supports .fla and .swf formats.

Clean up and colorists:
This too could be easier when multiple people are doing it. While us animators finish what is left, clean uppers and colorists can finish what is already animated and inbetweened.

Required software:
Adobe Flash CS5.5 (or compatible version), Adobe Animate (or compatible), Toonboom or other software that supports .fla and .swf formats.

Voice actors, you ask? Not needed atm, but once I get new screenplay and storyboard written, I'll update the announcement

So if anybody is interested to fulfil any of these roles, leave a reply here, note me or contact via

Thank you for your support and attention!


GWKTM's Profile Picture
Guyus Matlow
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
Howdy! GWKTM is now at DeviantArt as well! Here I post my visual art, animation tests and animations that I'm not sure of posting to YouTube.

I also make gift arts/unpaid commissions to other artist - furries mostly - which will come in any of these forms:
- Stills
- Animation model sheets
- CGi models
- Animations

For more content, you can check any of these links:

Welcome and enjoy your stay!

Guyus the raptor (c) GWKTM
Any other copyrighted content you'll find this gallery belong to their respective owners. No profit or copyright infringement intended.


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AviatorRico Featured By Owner May 27, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey you got nice art there, I like your dinos. :)
GWKTM Featured By Owner Edited Apr 27, 2019  Hobbyist Filmographer
The best and the most authentic video game for years!!! The only con though is its availability.

Anyway, wish Activision pulled something like this out from Crash Bandicoot as well instead of tarnishing the ND's original four PS1 Crashs totally out of spite and for no propriate reason.

Thankfully I'm working on the antidote for that.
One more thing to ask and it’s very personal. Do you at least enjoy any modern cartoons not talking about reboots but original modern cartoons like Steven universe, gravity falls, loud house, especially gumball my favourite. There all great and not bad at all. Do you enjoy any of them at least a bit?
GWKTM Featured By Owner Edited Apr 26, 2019  Hobbyist Filmographer
Those that you listed suck too. And I'm glad some of 'em ended. Good riddance. Though the damage they've done still doesn't seem to recover.

But if there are any modern cartoons I really enjoyed lately, then "Sonic Boom" and "Mickey and Roadster racers". Man, tv is really running low in good animated shows.
Fine it’s your opinion, not a fact.
Dear guyus I’m gonna say it again. I’m more of a modern person but I can’t disrespect the classics. And I think the reboot of ducktales is great unlike any other reboot. And yes I do agree at one point Classic Disney movies are better. I like modern cartoons because it does something new and some classic ones like Ed Edd n Eddy. So, Yeah I’m with both so it’s a win-win.
ToonEGuy Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The old DuckTales isn't better just because it's classic. It's better because it's a better made cartoon overall, and the reboot seeks to undo all of that. And News Flash: not everything that they're doing for animation today is truly good just because it happens to be new or current. There is nothing good about taking older, high-quality cartoons that are beloved favorites of many and butchering their art for the sake of changing them.

Why don't you go bother someone else with your hopeless naiveté. You're not going to be winning any arguments with either of us.
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