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CSC Silver Talisman with Moldavite

Portal to the Other Side silver Talisman

Portal to the Other Side silver Talisman

Wisps Sketch

Otherworldly Birds Sketch

Messenger miniature Oil Painting

wip from sketch to painting

latest work in progress



Joy and Sorrow



Sia Silver Talisman with Aquamarine



Celtic Twilight



She of The Boundaries



The Light of Water silver Talisman

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Aelin Laer represents Celtic inspired Art of painter and silversmith Mia Šerić.

I`m a traditional painter and silversmith from Croatia. In my work I paint in techniques of acrylic and oil on canvas and paper and I create Celtic silver Talismans in old-fashioned way, combining crystals and gemstones in creating charged and programmed Consecrated Silver Ritual objects.

I graduated from the School of Fine Arts, Department of Painting in 2009.

In 2011. I finished traditional silversmithing course in Atelier Lumezi, taught by famous artist and silversmith Lazer Lumezi , where I worked for several years, mastering my craft. Along with creating my artwork, I passionately study Celtic mythology and folklore, sidhe lore, I practice the old ways and I am an active member of 3 Druid orders, DOOT, ADF and RDOG. /|\

I spend most of my free time in forests, by wells, streams and rivers, where I channel and gather inspiration.

For more full Bio check out : About the artist on official website :

In my own words :

I am a painter, a silversmith, Irish Draoi, practitioner of old ways, tree-hugger and nature lover, bookworm, crystal therapist and have crystals and stones

everywhere, on and around me - I use them in my artwork,

meditation, ritual practice and in daily life. I`m living holistic way of life, eat whole-food, plant-based diet and grow sprouts, herbs and trees in and around my home.

I love rain and cloudy days, forests, water, rivers and streams - these are the places where I spend most of my free time, re-charging, channeling and gathering inspiration.

In free time I play wind instruments ( irish flute, whistle and panpipes )

and sing in our Celtic ensemble "Imgellad " , you can check us out here :

You can contact me at:

My Official Website :…

Whispering with firefies

Tools of the Trade
Oil and acrylic paint, brushes, silver and silversmithing tools

New Music Video

New Music Video

Greetings everyone ! I hope You are all enjoying Your winter (or summer) days in cozy and lovely atmosphere. As most of You know, in my free time I really enjoy singing and playing wind instruments : irish flute, whistles, pan flute and other magical flutes I proudly own, in our band Imgellad. Some of our members are away at the moment, so guitarist and I are working on series of atmospheric and mysterious musical videos. I wanted to share with you our latest creation for I know there are those among you who really appreciate this kind of musci and the idea behind it. So here it is, tell us what You think, and feel free to follow us on facebook, youtube and Vimeo, we are Imgellad :) : Facebook : and : Vimeo : Youtube :



Twilight... Twilight is my favorite time of the day. It is when the colors are most magical, and all those blues, and purples come out, and whites are subtle, with bluish haze about them. At twilight, the world is veiled in gentle mist, and different shapes come to life, emerge from darkness, as if they were hidden in all those dark cracks and crevices, just waiting for this moment of awaking. In daylight, they stay hidden, cloaked in shadows, veiled and indistinct shapes in shifting. But as the misty twilight approaches, and lines become blurred and illusive, they begin to appear, shedding their concealments, emerging out of darkness. Fore

Crafting,painting and music video

Crafting,painting and music video

Hello everyone ! I`ve been really busy lately, working on new silver pieces, sketching and painting daily... I`m planning to start a new oil painting these days, as soon as my art supplies arrive. Had to order new stash of oil paints, acrylics, turpentine, brushes - they have a life-span, did you know ? :) In the meantime, I have something new to share with all of you : We finally finished latest music video, and it was filmed on several beautiful locations that are very precious to us - magical places of immense inspiration, where I weekly spend many, many precious moments, gathering inspiration for my artwork, meditating, channeling and j

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ErasedMeHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, this will probably sound wierd..but I  try to help other artist, who might feel sad and have a bad day. Since I don't really know who could be sad I just select a random person.
So idk if you need seeing this (or if it helps) but I wish you a wonderful day and keep doing what you are proud of! :)
LimbicSplitterProfessional Traditional Artist
Love your enchanted artworks so much, thank you for all of it!
PajunenHobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the fav!
ivoturkHobbyist Photographer
Puno ti hvala na favovima!
SparkyDJM1Hobbyist Writer
Hi there. Just wanted to say that your work is truly amazing! I'm learning as much as I can about Celtic mythology for a novel I'm writing and your pieces really draw me into the world I want to write about.

Hope you are well.
GwilliethProfessional Traditional Artist
Thank You for all appreciation.
Good luck with Your writing, I`m glad my work offers You inspiration for Your work.
Thank You for sharing this.

Best regards,

Aelin Laer
glasslingerProfessional Artisan Crafter
Beautiful work here Aelin! Have a great weekend..