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Hop, Skip, and a Jump!
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October Patreon Poll Result: Okina and Tanuki


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The Solar Eclipse Logo


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Termite Atol

Maps 1

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Occalis - A world forgotten by time

Maps 2

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Zealandia: The Land of the Long White Cloud

Maps 3

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250MYF world map - terrain

Maps 4

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The Forbidden Ones' Basemap

Maps 5

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Unus Solum Political World Map (1827)

Maps 6

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Maps 7

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The Second Coming

Maps 8

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[Irredentism] Netherlands (Bakker-Schut Plan C)

Maps 9

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Timeline C-1938: it's a bird? It's a plane?

Maps 10

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Red Fox In the Snow

Animals 1

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Indonesian Fauna: Pteropus vampyrus

Animals 2

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Vampire bat skeleton

Animals 3

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(CLOSED) Cross Foxes [now for points]

Animals 4

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Our Aquatic Cousins

Animals 5

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Into the unkown

Animals 6

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Aogithiyak, Our-Gods-Remain-Yet-Unbro - Commission

Backgrounds 1

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Zen breeze

Backgrounds 2

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Across the Ridge

Backgrounds 3

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cold environment

Backgrounds 4

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King of my Castle

Backgrounds 5

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Study #1

Backgrounds 6

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world of witch  - 03

Backgrounds 7

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Backgrounds 8

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Shark Gate Atoll

Backgrounds 9

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Lights Speedpaint

Backgrounds 10

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Bob Ross landscape painting (2)

Backgrounds 11

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Backgrounds 12

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Sketch from life

Backgrounds 13

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Gobi Folks(2nd version)

Backgrounds 14

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Pit Stop

Backgrounds 15

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Falling Star

Dream Homes 1

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Dream Homes 2

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Coastal Village

Dream Homes 3

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Dream Homes 4

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Inhospitable city

Dream Homes 5

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Panther Swamp

Lost Cities and Other Abandoned Places

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Chibi adopts (closed)


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Meet The Grunts - North America


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Nebula Stock 6


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The Divine Crossing

Religious Junk

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Principal Sunset Shimmer

Art References

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Character Comparison- Female Villains

Writing Advice

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How to Build Your World: Races

Today’s topic is about creating races, whether that’s humans, merfolk, centaurs or talking rocks, you need to come up with different races to populate your world. In order to keep this post from being super long, I will be covering some quick basics today. DESIGNING A NEW RACE FOR YOUR WORLD Firstly, in fantasy, it is pretty normal to have more than one fully self-aware* race of beings living in the world. Secondly, while that is not necessary and you could model your world off of Earth, where there is predominately just the one fully self-aware race (humans), there are still differences. WHAT DOES YOUR NEW RACE LOOK LIKE Ther

More Writing Advice

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How to write character into a location (script)

Hello everyone and welcome back to The Heir’s Lair. I am your host, aspiring author Jonathan Taylor, and today I’m making another scripted video, for the first time in a long time, and it’s about how a location can be characterised. Keep in mind that, like people, not all locations are the same, so there will be differences in how to characterise various places, be they sparsely or heavily populated, be they residential or commercial, be they a house, a village, a neighbourhood, a town, or maybe even bigger. With that disclaimer out of the way: what do you need to do in order to characterise a place? A good first step is to establish familiarity with the location. That you can do in a very simple and obvious manner, you just have to describe what it looks like, what it’s made of, how it’s put together, and, if the location itself is complex enough, how the various elements of the location interact. For example, if you’re describing a forest, talk about the kinds of trees that are

Even More Writing Advice

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Elemental Keys to Venusian Forts


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GMOs and Other Forms of Mad Science

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