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Art by Gwiber49 Art :icongwiber49:Gwiber49 4 1 2 Cold Ravens by Gwiber49 2 Cold Ravens :icongwiber49:Gwiber49 3 0 Cold Raven by Gwiber49 Cold Raven :icongwiber49:Gwiber49 3 0 Starter Pack by Gwiber49 Starter Pack :icongwiber49:Gwiber49 2 8 Contest Entry by Gwiber49 Contest Entry :icongwiber49:Gwiber49 12 0 Lets Make A Oc By Sirphoenic-dc58425 by Gwiber49 Lets Make A Oc By Sirphoenic-dc58425 :icongwiber49:Gwiber49 1 4
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An Inflation Fetish Story Involving Rabbits :icongwiber49:Gwiber49 1 0
The Rescue Chapter 4: The Return Trip
For what felt like centuries, Me and my other teammates manage to make it out of the tunnels alive.   Though none of us were out of the woods yet, as we all heard the sound of an explosion, and a wall collapsing like an avalanche, and then their was the sound of soldiers screaming before falling silent.    The silhouette of a great wyrm towering over the ruined city of River Run like a wrathful god.   On it's back, a silhouette of a man that was once a proud champion of Drodon, but is now a nightmare made flesh, and a man, who was unaware of the power he was wielding, and that he might just be a pawn in a game he doesn't know is being played.   
Lediblock had left us beforehand, claiming that he had something to take care of, and he won't be joining us on our return to DA-Land.    Even though he didn't really contribute much, it was kinda sad to see him go.   
But then,
:icongwiber49:Gwiber49 1 2
My Directorial Trademarks
If I were to do films, then this is what they'd be like.
Genres: Surreal/Art-House/Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror/Dystopia/Post-Apocalyptic/Comedy/Steampunk
Heavy use of animal imagery.
Will feature ensemble casts ranging from 8 to 12 in number.
Protagonists will be mostly female, but it wouldn't hurt to have male protagonists.
Relationships between characters will be as realistic, as I can possibly make them to be.
If I'm going to have romance, than it should be at a slow pace, and it shouldn't be automatic.
Will put more stock into their personalities, rather than who they are.
Actors must really give it their all, when they play and/or voice their characters.  
PG to R Themes without any explicit visuals or graphic imagery, but they're heavily implied.  
Characters are always aware of the 4th wall and will show this at random intervals.
Villains won't always be redeemable, but they'll have some humanity to them, despite being absolute filth for t
:icongwiber49:Gwiber49 1 16
Enantiogallus toxicofer by Gwiber49 Enantiogallus toxicofer :icongwiber49:Gwiber49 7 4 A ticket to immortality. by Gwiber49 A ticket to immortality. :icongwiber49:Gwiber49 3 2 Non-Human Animals 2 by Gwiber49 Non-Human Animals 2 :icongwiber49:Gwiber49 9 0
The Rescue Chapter 3: Escape From...Somewhere
Character POV: Me and Aoife

"Can you go any faster?" Ink hissed at me.
"Relax," I quietly assure him, "I've been lock-picking since age 5!"
Ink shook his head, "Even if we do escape, we'll be without our weapons, which have been thrown into a pot of burning iron, in case you weren't paying attention."
"Oh yeah?" I shoot back at him, "At least I didn't lie about a meteorite crater!"
"How else was I to get you to come with me, " Ink shot back, "Besides, you came along in your own free will."
I pause and then add, "And because I was jealous that my brother got to play the role of protector, the hero of the story, while I was a simple alchemist that was to provide funds for a pointless war.     To tell you the truth, I actually disabled my Philosopher's Stone on purpose, and drove myself to drink because...I just don't think I'll ever be great.   My brother will be hailed as a hero, while I'll just sweep away all those rose pedals that sho
:icongwiber49:Gwiber49 2 0
It me. by Gwiber49 It me. :icongwiber49:Gwiber49 3 16 The Non-Humans by Gwiber49 The Non-Humans :icongwiber49:Gwiber49 11 3 Zburator by Gwiber49 Zburator :icongwiber49:Gwiber49 5 0
These are stories that will be grounded in reality, but will be featured on planets that have been colonized by humanity, and inspired us to walk amongst the stars along with the other peoples of the galaxy.

There is also mystery and speculative evolution. Enjoy these until my decease or when deviantart closes its doors forever. I am Gwiber and I hope you like what I written and draw because I want to give this world true art in the form of satire and tragedy. Stay thirsty my friends!

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Commission: Eramor concepts by lackofa Commission: Eramor concepts :iconlackofa:lackofa 90 5 Why fit in when you were born to stand out? by ks227 Why fit in when you were born to stand out? :iconks227:ks227 11 3
Acknowledging our own toxicity
(The video should be working now.)
THis video is important for anyone that has been a victim of abuse. Sometimes abuse victims tend to become abusers themselves, and it's good to recognize whatever toxic traits we may have picked up as a result and make an effort to better ourselves.
I spent a good portion of my life with an abusive stepfather (who is thankfully no longer in my life or my family's). I ended up moving in with my dad and stepmother after high school, and lived with them for two years. I was not a great person back then, I wasn't a good older sibling, I was stubborn, narrow-minded, and tended to play the victim a lot in arguments. It didn't help that I'm autistic (which is never an excuse for my behavior), and at that time, I was very socially inept. I was fairly intelligent, but pretty damn childish and immature to a certain extent. Aspie kids are supposed to get services to help them function in society and pick up on social ques we normally miss. I didn't get those as
:iconsparkmaster37:SparkMaster37 9 24
Warning about toxic user: littlesunshinelily
I know I said that I would take a break from DA. I know I said I would take a break for the sake of my mental health. I know I said I would try to stay out of the ongoing drama.
But the person in question refuses to let this drama die, and I can't keep quiet about it anymore.
For the past several months, axris/kxede/littlesunshinelily (who as you may or may not know was one of my best friends up until the beginning of the year) has been acting extremely toxic and abusive towards me and several of my friends but has accused me of not only supposedly being the toxic and abusive one, but also being homophobic, transphobic, ableist, and overall bigoted. And not only that, but they are also acting as though I was always a terrible person despite the fact that they considered me a friend until very recently.
Now, I will admit that I made some mistakes in our friendship that I deeply regret, and if I could take them back I would. But it does not excu
:iconfluffykyubey42:FluffyKyubey42 12 29
Tablet doodles 17 by papawaff Tablet doodles 17 :iconpapawaff:papawaff 199 6 Cloud22 (GIFT) by Toon-O-Clock Cloud22 (GIFT) :icontoon-o-clock:Toon-O-Clock 63 3 Joker slams Feminism by Jax1776 Joker slams Feminism :iconjax1776:Jax1776 65 21 If the Qu had their YouTube (All Tomorrows) by Vanga-Vangog If the Qu had their YouTube (All Tomorrows) :iconvanga-vangog:Vanga-Vangog 28 10 First Virgin vs Last Chad (Last and First Men) by Vanga-Vangog First Virgin vs Last Chad (Last and First Men) :iconvanga-vangog:Vanga-Vangog 14 1 Pro-Life Stamp by Rogue-Ranger Pro-Life Stamp :iconrogue-ranger:Rogue-Ranger 112 62 THIS STAMP IS POSITIVE by pieladyUSA THIS STAMP IS POSITIVE :iconpieladyusa:pieladyUSA 142 30 Anti-EU stamp by IronPiedmont1996 Anti-EU stamp :iconironpiedmont1996:IronPiedmont1996 47 28
I just love art of all kinds (except erotic) because I was born with that talent to create monsters and characters that can do things that anything or anyone would do in their daily life. So, I present to you my favorite pieces of art in the world!


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Today is Armenian Genocide Remembrance  Day. May the victims rest in peace and may Armenia continue you prosper and move on to a better future. 🇦🇲
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A little something from Nathan Whitehead.
Colonel-Knight-Rider has done it to me again. 

The Rules Are:

  1. Post all rules.
  2. Write 8 facts about your character.
  3. Tag 8 people.
  4. Write the name of the character with its owner.

8 Facts!  Nicole Whittaker!

1. Nicole's evolution is a very long story starting all the way back in my high school years.  When I first came up with her, she was a typical blonde-haired, blue-eyed 12-year old girl that, after falling through a wormhole in a nearby river (just like 17 Again, which was premiering at that time), and finding herself on The Planet Mars 1,000 years in the future.  There she meets a fashion-slave of the same age-bracket named Savannah (Who has also gone through some changes as well) and some other weird characters, who aid Nicole in her quest to return home.  Sound familiar, don't it?  Fast forward a few years, Nicole went from being a blonde to having raven-hair.  She even was Japanese at a certain point.  Currently, she's a brunette with grey-green eyes, and of mostly Irish descent.  Though, as you can probably tell, this too is subject to future changes. 

2. She has a pet house tegu (basically a black-and-white tegu that was genetically altered to be a house pet) named Charlie.  He was once an Yi qi, due to the creature's popularity at the time (way back in 2015 when A Life On Mars was starting to become a thing), but this is no longer canon.   Nicole got him when she found a Pet Canister in a lake one day.  She took it home and after doing some research, she adopted him, and are inseparable.  

3. When she was being screened for any hereditary diseases, her dad Michael located the gene that causes regeneration, and requested that it should be "cranked up to the max".  Thus, she is a "human axolotl" that can grow back any lost organ or simply reattach them without any scarring.  

4.  Nicole has a sweet-tooth the size of Texas.  Keep her away from treats!

5. Her favorite animal is The Arapaima.  No real reason, she just thinks they look cool.

6. Nicole was born in Gimlé; An O'Neil Colony governed by The Space Kingdom of Asgardia on January 12, 2600. 

7. While she has no true preference when it comes to music, Nicole mostly listens to 2000s-era music.  

8.  Nicole is rarely ever seen without her infinity scarf.   

I'm not going to tag anyone else, but whoever wants to pass this around has my vote to do so.  


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