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Im sorry I havn't been doing much lately, I have 3-4 WIP projects going now and I really should stop starting stuff without finishing other things.

I need some time to chill and let my creativity come back, I also need to stop forcing myself to expand too much at once, for example the live streaming, I dont think im going to be able to do as much as I wanted so its just gonna be pre-planned sessions, not general rabble.

I really hope you guys can understand, I want to devote as much of myself to developing the Almera Universe as I can but its chewing up all my self esteem, time and energy. 

I admit, im worried about my ability to remain devoted to the AU but I wont let my baby die, even if I do stop, i'll come back again in the future. Looking forward to some better times. I did however do '1' thing lately which I'll upload shortly then link here.

So here it is, the Aquarion manufacturer Royal-Cell's 70T
70T by Gwentari
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Submitted on
September 18, 2014


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