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I just finished my newest model, the USS Gallente. Im also starting my own little StarTrek fanfic im calling StarTrek: The Alpha Borders

USS: Gallente NCC: 74891 by Gwentari

I made those two characters in Kisake2 and edited them in Paint.Net, the Ship is made in Sketchup, rendered in Vray. I cant express how relieved I am to have made this! Its all been AU this AU that, its so nice to do something else.

I think I may even be close to having a boyfriend :O
But I'll take that slowly, anyway I loved StarTrek Voyager, LOVED IT, The Intrepid is a mesmerizing ship so I made the Meridian class as a "Subclass" of it, The Gallente is one of 3 Meridian classes, the other two USS: Herald and USS: Seoul all have the Paris Class Transwarp Drive prototype built in, As we all remember Lieutenant Paris was the first human to travel at Transwarp, and also to become a tiny lizard.. but hey-ho. The Paris Class Transwarp drive is built from Voyagers data on Transwarp, Its also got an advanced wide field main deflector to help compensate the unusual disturbances in the laws of reality at Transwarp 1 and above.

In my head, the Meridian vessels are designed to by hyper fast response hospital ships, able to arrive from many light years away quickly and get out just as quick, useful for circulating the wounded from a battlefront or delivering a VIP to a confrence he/she's late for.
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Pixel-pencil Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2015  Student General Artist
Congrats! :la:!
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December 11, 2015