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JEC Type 4 Handgun by Gwentari

The Type 4 Handgun

This is the first model I have made for the AU in my new and updated Sketchup 2015, I wana also give a shout out to Pixel-Pencil and Yachieku, Yachieku you are one of my earliest followers! If I could I would give you a big hug for sticking around with me!, Pixel-Pencil, You showed me V-Ray and you've been a huge inspiration!! Not to mention all my other Followers here on Deviant Art! Its so heart warming that you all take interest in my work and I hope to make you all proud by making the Almera Universe the next big multi-platform sci-fi universe!!

Up until now I have been working on my old and outdated Sketchup8 which was bogged down with Plugin's from tests and trials I dont even use anymore, It was getting really slow and took almost 2 minutes to load up when I click on it, So the upgrade to 2015 really has brought me forward into modern times, like going from a steam train to a maglev. I didnt want to skimp out on 'any' details with the Type4 since its a sort of anniversary thing.

I made sure to make the Type 4 in enough detail that it can be field stripped in Sketchup, a full 6 round magazine, grouped components like the grip pads and the slide, the safety switch and the magazine release button. I hope it's up to scratch, this little pistol marks the biggest milestone of the Almera Universe so far!

Click for 3D view (Provided by Trimble)
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Submitted on
November 19, 2014