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Rarity (laugh) plz by luckreza8

I will now be streaming my modelling sessions on Picarto.TV! You can come and chat and see WIP stuff, listen to music and get to know one another a little better! My Picarto streams will be erratic just like my inspirational swings, so check in from time to time and you may drop in on a live-stream *pun*
Princess Luna (hmm...) plz by luckreza8

Anyway, Gratuitous self oogling aside, My fundraiser was a success, Im now fully functional on Patreon!
And im on a new computer! Actually im on an old one, but its got shiny new components in it thats pretty much current gen tech. So modelling will continue, the galaxy map will be getting its much needed touch-ups and new "SECTOR MAPS" will be coming as they are finished! Sector maps will be posted here and on Patreon for free! You should also check out my Lore posts on Patreon, they are free to view for everybody!

I plan on getting things on the go again, Been loving running fallout4 at ultra with heaps of beauty mods, srsly its nnrgh! gorgeoussonata dusk EqG (is tacos thursday) plz by luckreza8
I hope to see you all soon on Picarto! and maybe even see you popping up as Patrons some day! speaking of which actually Im thinking about a little game where you could win some of the Patreon rewards for free if you win and runners up may get prizes too! more on that as it develops.

For now though, ttyl and have a good one.

OH OH OH!!!!
Totally forgot, Heres an example of what my new computer can do with modelling fidelity and this is just scratching the surface
Ventrillian Dunlock Arbiter Rifle by Gwentari
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August 8, 2016


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