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Galactic Civilizations 3 AU Mod by Gwentari

AU Mod Playable Races in 0.9 by Gwentari

In celebration of the re-activation of custom factions in multiplayer, I've pushed the first Arcadian fanction into release, so this update was a tad smaller than I'd like but I also wanted to celebrate managing an Anthro character in Kisake2 "Pochi" as I call it. 

I have also uploaded a little showcase of what you can expect in the Almera Universe mod, No Pic's No Clicks as they say. So the latest update is 0.9a Aggressive Arcadian, which introduces the beaten and battered Arcadian Empire, the truest of industrial juggernauts. Currently lead by the fox clans the Arcadians industrial power far outstrips the other races however they struggle in war because of their lack of organizational skills, so their production is best suited in servitude to other races, building and selling ships to make up for their poor economy.

A smart Arcadian player will gamble the probable winner of the game and pair up with them, The Arcadians are a tough faction to Solo!
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Submitted on
May 22, 2015