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Empire class Barion ICBM Silo's WIP by Gwentari Empire class CIWS turret WIP by Gwentari Empire class Left control tower by Gwentari Empire class Deckside by Gwentari

AMSN Sylvi WIP by Gwentari

This model is work in progress, these are some samples


The Empire Class Super Carrier is a Tri-hull vessel often dropped to planets from orbit via space ship, landing in the planet's oceans with approximately 10 tons of impact force, where its drop shields will shatter and set the vessel gently into the water.

Standard Crew: 350
Skeleton Crew : 40
Marine Compliment: 400
Aircraft capacity: 4

- x8 CIWS defence cannons
- x4 electromagnetic accelerator 'snub' cannons
- x6  Barion ICBM (2 Nuclear grade/ 4 Atomic grade)
(maybe more pending on model progress)

-Advanced Sonar
-Sub orbital communication hub system
-Ship interlink command suite
-Aircraft refuelling, rearming & repairing facilities
-Onboard hospital
-advanced orbit to surface ILS
-4 Ton anchor
-electronic field generator
-Mod class Plasma Driver

Short Story

In -=6.914=- the AMSN: Sylvi was commissioned in responce to a pirate attack on irithian, quickly assembled with a brand new crew of recruits and an experience soriun marine squad to lead the naval marine trainee's who had been rushed into service. The Sylvi along with several support ships arrived in orbit aboard their dropships, the crew stunned at the severity of their assignment, to secure an entire mega city from pirate control and evacuate over one hundred thousand civilians.

The fleet dropped them, falling towards the planet inside their massive drop shields, the crew remained seated and strapped in, unfamiliar with the thundering roar and glass shattering stretches common to orbital drops. As the sound of wind outside the drop shields became clear the radios flared up with panicked chatter about anti aircraft systems in operation, one by one, as if with each of the crew's racing heartbeats the other ships went silent, no chatter from the fleet up in orbit, suddenly without warning the entire ship slammed down its shield's shatter and the crew quickly unbuckles and makes for action stations.

All around them, black smoke and fire strewn across the water, wreckages of the rest of the fleet leying in ruins, sinking or still falling piece by piece. The charred corpses of the Aquarion crew littering the oily black ocean, the skies a blaze with AA fire, thundering booms accompanied the apparent airborn explosions as the ships still in orbit break apart and swallow themselves in flame. The Sylvi was saved from destruction by her fellow ships, now alone, stranded and without aid, she sails though the tomb of the ships and personnel she once held dear. 

The Sylvi was never heard from again, the planet declared lost, and glassed until razed.
The story of the Sylvi is told to all new recruits of the Marine Navy, the name etched into every sailor, flight crew and engineer, The message that War is a sin, and no soldier should expect to go to heaven, they willingly go to hell so that others never need to.

In the later -=6.945=- Empire class carriers lost their dominance of the marine navy in lew of newer more advanced Arbiter class carriers equipped with better facilities and capacity, but the Sylvi's dry dock has never been disassembled, the building left untouched for generations, left as the headstone to the 750 sailors and marines that lost their lives trying to save the colony of irithian.
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Submitted on
October 27, 2014