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Ask Shei is an askblog I run where you can interact with an aquarion called Shei and her daughter Rie, The pair of them live on a world called Polaris in Aquarion space and they update as the Almera Universe updates, You can ask them for specifics about the AU current events and other things, if Shei cant answer she'll come to me "The Mod" for the answers, She can also bring in guest speakers and show off model's I've made giving useful insight and teaser renders not released on my deviation posts!

Ask Shei Junai is at its core a great way to interact with the Almera Universe in its current state, since it lacks a game, comic or TV show.

Example Ask Shei posts from before the blog shut down:
Shei Junai by Gwentari

Another good Ask Shei question by Gwentari

Aquarion Medical Scan by Gwentari

Quick biology lesson on Aquarions by Gwentari

Shei Drunk by Gwentari

ITS BEHIND YOU!! by Gwentari

Shei Selfy by Gwentari

I gave Shei one by Gwentari
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Submitted on
March 7, 2015