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I just received a report from Paypal that they are concerned about a purchase I eledgedly made IN IRELAND!

I dont live in Ireland, I've changed my passwords ONCE AGAIN, and Im waiting for the details of this supposed purchase to show up so I can learn more. 

But Seriously!
Twice in one fucking week!

In 16 years I've never had issues with my details online, In 16 years I've never become compromised, Did somebody just stick an Internet flare to my napper or something?! Stuff like this can really make a person loose faith in a better tomorrow y'know? I mean what the actual shit? Im so pissed i've tossed my personal censoring
out the window. First EA, now my PayPal, FUCK COMISSIONS, im not doing anything until I've got some god damned security back!

If anybody knows anything, something that might be going on behind my back please let me know, Because if this is some twat's idea of a joke, its one sick joke.

In-case people have forgotten, I am actually sick, I depend on medication for semi-stable health, I have trouble keeping what I've eaten down which leaves me with very little energy. My money is given to me through the blind kindness of my Government, Yes I said it, I live on benefits. But Many people do these days, Im both greatful and sorry that im one of those who truthfully needs it. 

Would you walk into a playpark and punch a toddler in the face? Would you walk into an crippled man's house and move his dinner tray out of his reach? What is wrong with people!? 

Lets get one thing straight, im not going SOPA because of this, im not going to give up my fucking security, im going to fix it, AND THEN IM GONNA GO FUCKING POSTAL ON ANY SORRY SACK OF LIFELESS SHIT THAT PICKS UP A LAPTOP WITH THE INTENT TO HACK!

All caps looks very childish doesnt it. But hey, I cant exactly yell at the top of my lungs in text.
But seriously though, stop hacking people, You dont know who's life you could ruin, You never know when your going to steal a few dollars from a Spannish drunkard with a garage full of Ferarri's or steal the savings of a cancer patient who has one shot at a cure and are only a few dollars away from it.

Okay, I've calmed down now, but I haven't stopped thinking about this. In a way im glad it was me, I may be in a poorly state but at least this isn't life threatening, But I cant stop thinking about the danger to people who this could well wind up killing.

So I made a little poster with a story for people to read.

Oh yeah, im not removing my rage rant, because im not embarrassed by it, In fact I think it probably might help if people get to see just how furious this made me.

Anyway, here's the poster I made.
Stop Hacking by Gwentari
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Submitted on
January 28, 2016