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Some of you may have noticed i've been getting less and less detailed in the greeble/fidelity department.

I've found that trying to keep to a constant standard of detail is what was driving me away from modelling, I find creation fun but if I turn it into a chore I just cant do it. So I decided im going to settle on varying levels of detail based on how im feeling and how far I want to take a model. 

An earthgate ship with a full interior and living amenities, sensor stations, bridge greebles and such is a once in a while project, It takes a lot of work and I dont like spreading work out over several days, more often than not I wind up putting projects on the back burner when I do that, only coming back to them years later. Where as im enamoured with the outcomes and fidelity, cramming that much into my usual "Get it done in the same session I started it" attitude, It is exhausting. 

Making a sword of some wand or something for Rival Dynasties is lots of fun because its mostly just shaping some components and welding them together!! FUN! its great to see something come together so quick but their relatively un-important in the grand scheme of things.

A super massive capital ship with no interior but lots of turrets and windows and little nook's and crannies can be just as much work as a small ship with an interior, so to that end I came up with the usual idea of Earthgate's capitals protecting their weapons under hull plating, But its still fun to draw up all the little details on certain styles of ships, like Aquarion or Human who have exposed weapons, on the other hand its easy to churn out the simplistic Dunlim or Liandri ships because they dont have many if any surface weapon nodes at all.

At the end of the day I found that just going with the flow is the best way to do it!! I have fun and it keeps modelling interesting for me.
My next dilema to fix is how to feel satisfied with my content... -__-.
Its been difficult to feel accomplished just making models and giving rough cannonic descriptions of their places in my universes (bar Battletech, I make no claims to be an author of battletech, just an avid fan) I have libraries of content built up in my head on Earthgate and littered through my folders for Sevastopol, Rival Dynasties and Twin Dawns. (each are EarthGate sub-verses)

Its very frustrating having a talent for modelling which allows me to visualize my content but no talent for writing which would allow me to bring my content to life. Maybe I should consider going back to school and learning how to write novels?
So BATTLETECH came out lately and I tried it, personally I didnt like it, I'll hold out for Mercenaries 5. But its put me in a battletech universe mood, My friend and I have been doing a long standing Battletech RP campaign which has been alot of fun! Its nice to take a break from my own universe and play with another one.

For those who dont know what BATTLETECH or the Mechwarrior Mercenaries games are I suggest you look them up, decide for yourself. I only have one advice for you.

As of late official review companies like IGN and RPS are getting too lazy and dont even try to learn a game before spouting hooey about them so I say, Ignore the fluff, find the substance and make your own decision! so go check it out! 

In the mean time I'll get to uploading some of the works that were exclusive to Patreon for a while so you can see the progress I made whilst I was away.
Im going to be shutting down my Patreon soon because the expectation of content upkeep in return for profit just didnt feel good for me and it was causing art blocks and break-downs. From now on all my content will be posted to DA be it independant, EarthGate, Rival Dynasties or Sevastopol related.

Equestria Girls - Lemon Zest head-bopping by Botchan-MLP
The Grippen International Operations Unit.

The Grippen unit is my gaming clan, for the most part we play casually together on games like Warthunder, Overwatch, Stellaris etc. My rules in Grippen include being nice to one another, none of that disrespectful modern slang, or excessive cussing, We also try to stay politically correct (this means Racism and other discriminatory language is unacceptable) My aim with Grippen is to build a group where politeness is intertwined with casual gaming and recreation online. A sort of haven away from the inconsiderate disrespect of most net users.

Im opening Grippen to new members now, some of the benefits of joining us include a trustworthy admin staff (enforced by yours truly) dependable moderators and a firm stand on keeping to the rules without suffering from "filing cabinet in the ass" syndrome. By joining us in Grippen you can be a part of our upstanding little community, enjoy games, make friends (or just mingle) with people who remember what courtesy is.

We are open to all nationalities, Our spoken language is English. We commune on our private Discord channel which uses expiring invites to ensure privacy and prevent griefing temporary joins. There are several voice chat rooms for you to enjoy including potentially requesting your own private room. Enjoy competing with our resident GIF master in our Gif_war_room and even chat with me about all things earth gate. Grippen is open, if your interested in joining send me a note requesting to join and you will be sent your very own invitation link to the channel. 

Just to be clear.
We dont expect donation, we dont enforce mandatory activity time and we dont permit disrespect. Grippen is for the polite casual gamers.
Heyo all.

I know most of you are probably sick of hearing about Patreon by now but please hear me out, if this next paragraph catches your eye, please consider me.

Earth Gate has been developing quietly for a while now and I think the universe is getting big enough and fleshed out enough that things need to start going up a level, I've just recently amended my goals on Patreon, Upon reaching my most realistic goal of $200 a month, I'll personally begin work on an Earth Gate adventure RPG game made on the RPG Maker software, I've worked with it before and I know what im doing. The extra income will help me pay professional pixel artists and sprite makers for high quality assets to make the game totally original, none of the usual stock assets you see in most RPG Maker games.

Okay if your still reading I guess your interested. Earth Gate's first RPG game will feature modern favorites like crafting mechanics, resource acquisition, open world gameplay and questing, im not just talking about 8bit skyrim in space. Im serious, I've done work and little projects in RPG Maker before, all of which have had crafting recipies, intuitive methods of feature access, circulatory questing for menial tasks and full linear questing for better jobs and a main story line will be a sinch to add. Now just from reading this you'll know im a bit of a typo-saurus so naturally the income will help me bring in testers and proper bug fixing. 

Among other things, the Earth Gate game will do something that (so far) I've not seen another RPG maker game do and thats galactic exploration. You'll be able to go from place to place around the Sol Concordat Territories encountering Varii, Aquarions, Arcadians, Liandri and more, Maybe even buy different ships! Bigger better ships could provide more facilities such as crafting and resource acquisition (space mining cough-cough)

Now I may not type the best but I passed my exams on my creative writing so you can be sure I'll whip up a killer main story-line for you to explore or ignore in the game. Side quests both repeatable and isolated will each be done with a creative touch. It wont be no star citizen but It'll be a fun little space game that you could play on anything down to a little Netbook/Notebook computer, example riding a long train, play some Earth Gate, waiting at the bus station, play some Earth Gate. Because I wont be working on a super AAA photo realistic super high poly game just about any computer including grandma's first CRT/Tower split computer should be able to run it!

Lastly, the funding from this goal will allow me to pay for music to accompany the game, Combat music, ambiance, comedic and more to really set the mood of the game. Now if your still reading it means you probably really want this to happen, I only ask that you do two things, Firstly, come pledge to my patreon, its a subscription based system (pay what you want) with rewards for paying higher ammounts, This wont happen without funding. Secondly I want you to tell your friends, The only way Earth Gate will stop being "Just one of those indie space games" is if it gets noticed, Community drives productivity, The more patrons I get, the more funding I get which means the more assets and assistance I can bring in. In other words, for every friend you tell and every bunch of friends they tell, the game just gets better, a click, a subscription and some gossip and before you know it, Earth Gate will be competing with giants like Star Trek and Stargate.

And, Just an added bonus, we'll finally have another super-verse THAT DOESN'T BEGIN WITH THE WORD STAR >.< Am I right?.

Here's a link to my Patreon, Please come support me and I'll make you a great Sci-Fi universe.
Earth Gate Patreon Link
Im not sure how many of you here on DeviantArt are gamers.

But As usual, here's another post where I speak my mind about things.

Over the past few years since the onset of "Super-twitch-Shooter" games, Communities across the web have been degenerating into isolated, win-or-die fanaticals. Try as they might, developers have only two choices these days, Go with the flow and watch their game melt into another in a growing string of competitive cesspools. 

What exactly am I talking about? I'll try to explain.
Video games were originally conceived as a fun way to pass the time and engage in friendly competition. Reference, the Arcade. Back in the day, You would compete for bragging rights and the high score shoulder to shoulder on arcade machines against people you would see frequently at the Arcade. There were certain things you had to adhere to in order to maintain the respect of spectators, Be a good sport, try to out wit your opponent and sling a clever yet exasperated amount of trash talk.

Today, video gamers never really see the person on the other team, They are free to indulge in all the dirty trickery and meta gaming they like knowing nobody can ever get to them about it. This has bread a vile and toxic attitude where he who lol's most at complaints of cheating often wins. People have become insensitive to the fact that you are in-fact playing against other human beings who have feelings like you do, who have goals like you do and who enjoy the game, like you do.

Cheaters and hackers frequently go unpunished, jumping from account to account to dodge bans, ruining the game because they are either so insecure they need to cheat or simply get kicks out of playing god. Cheaters are among the worst in gaming society but not the absolute bottom of the pile. That said, cheaters and hackers can rightly shove it up their unmentionable. If you cant play the game the way it was meant to be played, its a reflection that you cannot learn how to play the game, There is no such thing as cheating for fun.

Now onto, quite possibly the lowest of low. "Metagamers".
The Meta, or popular strategy, was once a share of cleverly developed tactics which helped achieve victory with more chance of success, This has however changed in recent years. Owing largely to big names in gaming, commonly youtubers or Twitch streamers who take advantage of broken or unbalanced assets in the game to "dominate". This causes a flash fire effect in communities as these broken or yet unfinished assets become the "Meta" where most players will use them just because their favorite video gamer said to. Big names may not always have if seldom ever have malicious intent, but the repercussions are akin to striking a match in a tight wooden box. Meta brings out the worst in communities encouraging spiteful play, belittling and worse yet, cyber bullying. This may seem exaggerated but one need only open their mind a little to see the linkages. When the Meta becomes common place, people who still play the old fashion way, looking for a good laugh and some genuine competition become the victims of a tidal wave of broken and often too difficult to beat weapons or strategies. 

Its hard to have fun when you loose several matches in a row and feel like it was all a waste of time. A good fun game is a push back and forth between teams or individuals who are tightly contested for victory, not a loss of 53 points to 500 points. Loosing games can still be fun, dont get me wrong. Nothing beats the epic final showdown between two team's MVP's or that crazy shot with the BFG which takes out the whole team in the last second. Loosing for no good purpose other than the opponents had an unfair advantage, that breaks the game for many players and most are happy to pack up and wait till the next day to play again. In today's world though more and more of our youngsters are finding the online community more welcoming and less intimidating than reality, individuals like this have no choice but to "game on" and put up with these Meta gamers.

Now by no means is it an inherently good thing that youngsters waste away on the PC all day, but take me for example, gaming makes up a large portion of my day, the other large portion is working on Earth Gate which is my life's work. I know I certainly feel like I've got nowhere else to go when im done for the day.

Now, back to Developers, the other choice developers have is to attempt a new system, build a new way to play from scratch, this is far more dangerous and most developers will opt to avoid this as if it fails to meet popularity it can be the end of a company. Heres another example of toxic communities doing damage. Game developers are men and women, working for a living to bring us and themselves an awesome game to play, why make something you wont like?. Players today have become so wound up in their twitchy shooters and insta-kill stats that anything less is almost not worth playing, Take Overwatch for example, Overwatch dared to change and succeeded big time. However on the other side look at Angels Fall First, they dared to change and they are hanging on by a thread with no recognition. There was a time once where players took what developers made without complaint or question. Developers over the years have been pushed and admittedly backed into on their own, a corner in which players can bully companies into bankruptcy with reviews and game breaking play style.

All in all, one could peg this down to a generational problem, it comes and goes with every major generation, even Arcades had their meta and trouble makers. Its not to say however that this is an okay status quo. Video gamers need to realize that its not the end of the world to loose, its not the end of the world if you dont completely stomp and crush the other team. Developers could do with standing up for themselves more without being insensitive to their communities. As with all things in life, there is a balance which is not hard to attain, its just hidden behind ignorance and short sighted attitudes.
Hello all. If your reading this then you know me and know what I do. But I'll explain anyway.

My name is Beth Taylor (Gwentari) and I work on EarthGate(AU). Earth Gate its self is a large scale Sci-Fi universe set in the near/distancing future. It entails mankind's story of becoming a member of the galactic community and how it survives the struggles of being a galactic player. Within Earth Gate you will find starships, planets, gadgets, people, corporations, Governments, Pirates, Criminals and everything in-between. Less than 10% of earth gate has actually been modeled and uploaded to my DeviantArt/Patreon. Its just that huge. 

My long run goal with Earth Gate is to grow it into the next big sci-fi universe to rival Star Trek, Stargate or even the media giant StarWars. Now Earth Gate wouldnt be what it is without the help of some very close friends of mine, My friend from arizona who is my primary roleplayer (ill explain that in a moment) and my Boyfriend from England who is my primary 3rd party content generator. This is what makes Earth Gate different from every other Sci-Fi universe you see would-be artists uploading all over the internet (no offense if you have your own). The positive side to my "assistants" is that they help make the universe more fluidic, instead of being generated by one mind, its being collectively brought to life by 3 completely different opinions on sci-fi.

Now "Roleplayer" as I mentioned before. When I say this im talking about my primary form of content generation, Earth Gate started out as the "Almera Universe" based on a HalfLife2 roleplay extension. My two assistants each have "Character Arks" which means they play in a roleplay fashion, as people living in Earth Gate's universe through text based roleplaying. Now before you assume im just some wannabe caster, heres some facts. My Dungeon Master techniques are not what you'd expect from a data card & dice roleplay game or DnD as its called. My Roleplay methods have been developed over the past 4-5 years as Earth Gate has expanded and grown revolving around 1-1 roleplay where my job is to emulate the universe living and breathing around you, everything from a leaf falling off a tree to epic space battles. You as the "Player" experience things from an entirely first person perspective, if your not looking at it, you dont see it, if you are out of earshot, you dont hear it. You can take a stroll down the Gaia concord or catch a flight to the Jewl of Novus, the Polaris colony, go fighting pirates in dire space battles or dive deep into ancient ruins and study forerunner species like the Sanxeri or the Varii. 

Why is all this important? Why am I giving up my secrets after 5 years of internal development? Here's why.

A new Ark is opening up! I want fresh thoughts in Earth Gate!
For a limited time I am opening up my doors to allow a new person to come and join the team as a roleplayer. This wont be a patreon reward, it wont require payments or anything, its free. Sound too good to be true? If your thinking about hitting that virus scan button just read a little further. Earth Gate is fluid and unique because of the imaginative minds that develop it with me. By becoming a roleplayer in Earth Gate, you get unfettered access to the universe, see anything, do anything, meet famous NPC's like Tabatha Sunset and Rikko Nakamura. With every action you make in Earth Gate, every new sight you see and every new gadget your character tries out, You will be helping create depth to the universe. 

Here's a rundown of how roleplayers change earthgate through depth.

Your average hobbyist will write a book and develop a universe to suit it and leave it there.
An enthusiastic hobbyist will write up a small universe to make a story out of.
A professional writer weaves the universe and story together as one.

What do all these methods have in common?
A: A single mind development. Everything within these universes is produced from an individual's look on life, making it interesting but ultimately shallow no matter how complex the story or how alive the characters seem, beyond the pages of their stories and canon these characters have no lives, they pause when not in use.

How is this changed in Earth Gate?

In Earth Gate, roleplayers interact with the universe in ways I cannot predict, that my assistants cannot predict, creating natural, fluidic context and story, Every NPC you talk to will be impacted by meeting you, changing their decision making process, potentially affecting how they spend the rest of their life which in turn has a flashfire effect through the NPC's they know and so on. There are 3 kinds of NPC in Earth Gate, NPC by the way stands for "Non Player Character".

The first is a "refrenceless" background NPC. These NPC's have no face, no general look until they are met by the player and often fade back into obscurity, only to be met again if another player re-visits the specific venue or location. Background NPC's are recorded by name and little more. As each background NPC is created it adds flavour and character to locations however NPC's have their own lives so a change in employment, economic redevelopment, any number of things can cause an NPC to relocate.

The Second is a "Refrenced" background NPC. These NPC's have pre-determined roles and identities in Earth Gate, passionate individuals working in fields they strived for since education. Refrenced Background NPC's include but are not limited to, Ami Tatogaru, daughter of the CEO of Aktonia Medical, the largest healthcare corp in Novus, Lauren Black, CEO of Terra Industrial, Tabatha Sunset, Millionare terran golden girl and racing enthusiast. Angelica Irini Bolpet, the Ventrillian weaponsmith whom's logo adorns most modern Ventrillian technologies. Refrenced Background NPC's hold the most weight in the universe, their decisions and actions can create shock-waves through the galaxy.

The Third is a "Buddy NPC" a Buddy NPC is created along side a new roleplayer, their existance has little impact on the universe as they are essentially a tutorial node for the player to experiment within his/her first trial day. Buddy NPC's are automatically positive towards the player in a best-friend manner. As the player completes their tutorial Buddy NPC's loose their "immune" flags and become susceptible to negative opinions of the players actions based on the personality the NPC developed during the tutorial. As a final note, since Earth Gate started, most Buddy NPC's are still alive to current day and lead their own lives away from the players they were created with, becoming Refrenced Background NPC's.

That accounts for the kinds of individuals you can meet in Earth Gate, but its much more complex in the universe as you will come to learn if you start a character. Interestingly enough though despite its complexities once settled in and moderately experienced, the Roleplay will come naturally just like life its self, except if life had a tendency to lean towards good story telling instead of mundane day-to-day life. That being said, slice of life is a common aspect of Earth Gate.

Now, Provided your still with me here, There are a few conditions I need to make clear about considering yourself for an Ark.

In the past I have tried to integrate new roleplayers, and its not for everybody. Roleplay can be confusing and overwhelming, some people I've worked with have not been able to maintain character for long or haven't been able to retain a character's personality consistently. This is alright, it just means your talents lay elsewhere. 

Ideal Skills and Talents for becoming an Earth Gate roleplayer include:
- Pre-existing experience with open ended roleplay with an ability to step away from the familiar and adapt to the new.
- A mature attitude towards sensitive topics such as intimate relationships between individuals and criminal activities. (EarthGate isn't paradise)
- The ability to accept that your actions in Earth Gate have consequences. Crime will be met with justice but can be tempered with corruption.
- An open mind, this means acceptance of difference in all things beyond yourself such as religion, philosophy, cultural acceptability.
- Long Hours of free time that can be devoted to frequently lengthy roleplay sessions (e.g: 4-5 hours, sometimes more)

Now let me make one thing clear, you wont be payed for this, at least not for now, this is a creative endeavour that is both fun and productive and has educational benefits such as broadening philosophical horizons and learning to understand and coexist with other cultures. Earth Gate has no formal, solid income, thats why I have a patreon. I devote most of my life to Earth Gate, My assistants devote a few hours a week to it, you wont need to devote as much as either of us. However, Once you become well versed in the universe opportunities will arise. When you know enough of Earth Gate's lore and have a sufficiently aged character, you can engage in technical lore development, the addition of new races, corporations, technologies and lore in general. My boyfriend is the creator of the "Glacians" a unique cold blooded species, My friend from Arizona has developed the Muklan, an aviation happy species which will show up in the next galaxy map update.

As a content creator/roleplayer you will etch your name perminantly into Earth Gate, provided you contribute substantially to the universe you'll be mentioned at conventions, credited in larger projects and ultimately remembered as an Earth Gate Dev. This is why I am opening only a single placement, A fine sword mid craft must be tempered gently. So if you want to make some new friends all across the world, get involved in tomorrows next biggest media giant and have fun along the way being creative and inventive, I urge you to get in touch, Send me a note, comment on this post, whatever you want, we can discuss your potential application as soon as we both have some free time to chat.

-B.Taylor EGau
Following on from my little rant in my previous journal entry, I'd like to voice some legitimate concerns.

I know im not the only person who has noticed this by now, Corporations are becoming and have been becoming excessively greedy for a long time. Its not enough that they make a profit on their products to help them expand, they need more, more income, more profit, more return, greed is consuming our businesses. Its not enough for them to be able to simply do the job they set out to do.

Companies seem unable to accept that profits can be "acceptable", it seems as though everybody who sits down at a board meeting will never be happy unless their profits are greater than the last time they sat down at the table. (notice the pattern here?) I understand some of the personal gains from being at the head of an increasingly wealthy company, You can pay your bills without care, you can get the latest car, enjoy fine comforts, treat your families to first class living, take the fear failure out of the lives of the ones you care about.

Heres the catch though, when does it stop.

One of the key factors in corporate greed is the "Out of sight" logic, They do not know us, they do not recognize our existence, we are numbers on sheets of paper. Its easy to become desensitized to this. So in their infinite desire to acquire, they begin to trod on other families, other people who have just as much of a desire to uplift their family and end burden for the people they care about. I for one live in a household where myself, my mother both live on benefits and my mother's partner works two jobs. I would love to end that dependency. Give my family freedom of choice, because we live in freedom but we are far from free in choice.

Nations across the globe are beginning to notice these trends in people of financial power. "Economic sponges", bankers, CEO's, stock traders, Many people who work these jobs are honest hard working people who enjoy the fruits of their profession, their talents and hard work. Others, others simply enjoy the money, so much so that they grow increasingly scared of loosing it, as if life is impossible without it, the rest of the world seems to be able to get by? why cant you? So this fear creates disparity, greed and selfishness. They become distrustful, seeing conspiracy in coincidence. They need more money, Hire security, more money, perform investigations, more money, re-married, more money, covering up secrets, more money, The greedy among the wealthy live in fear masked in renaissance and professionalism. 

As these economic sponges continue to soak up the global economy, there becomes less and less money for the people, creating shortages, this leads to people holding onto their pound/dollar/yen any penny they can spare becomes coveted. With people less eager to spend, governments receive less income, causing tax rates to rise in order to compensate, when taxes raise, even more people want to hold onto their money, people stop moving house, stop going on holiday, look to cheaper schools for their children, lower their standards of living. This is what happens to everybody who doesn't have the luxury of economic choice that so many of the wealthy elite enjoy.

A problem isn't a problem until its a problem for you. I have some words of wisdom to that, As your greed rises and you soak up more money, less people want to spend it, eventually people will need to learn to live without money, and when that happens all the money in the world wont protect you from the chaos you've sewn. 

So heres what I have to say to people like me, financially downtrodden, trapped in lower society, Necessary evils are not necessary at all, there is in-fact no such thing within the realm of global finance. The truth is, this wont stop, these people will never stop being greedy because they fear what happens if they do. The fearful make mistakes and those mistakes will roll over our lives like fire. Take the 2016 US elections, nothing short of a bomb-scare since they started.

Now here's the chink in the system, the rusty link in the chain. The only thing that gives fear power, is fear, the only way to win when your scared is to make whatever you are scared of, scared of you. These people with their money can do nothing without breaking their oh so beloved civilized sensibilities. If you simply stop, then the machine breaks. The world can work without money, trading commodities on their actual useful value is how it worked prior to the coin, We managed then and we were not half as intelligent as we are now, We can certainly make it work again. All you need to do, is stop. No violence, no protests, no signs, no riot police, just, stop.

Stop paying for things, Stop expecting cash in return for services, Help somebody else because you can, if you cannot help people on your own, find others like yourself, those who cannot help alone can help together. Do you need a pencil for exams? know somebody with a spare who forgot their lunch? trade half your sandwich for a pencil. See somebody broken down on a highway and have spare parts? stop and see if you can help, if you cannot at least you can help them find somebody who can. 

The fact of the matter is change isnt instant, its not immediate, its also not excessive. Infact, change isnt really needed, we're simply taking a middleman out of a system that requires direct cooperation. Everybody can stop, because doing nothing is easy, It simply needs a little trust and to recognize that simple can be better if its done right.

So the next time you think about money as a necessary evil, or wish it was you that won the lottery instead of that blond on TV, remember that money is only needed for as long as people desire it.
My pro-trial ran out on sketchup, the one you get when you download a new copy of sketchup, I got a trial again since I downloaded it on my new computer, You may have noticed the sharp increase in fidelity of less angular models such as my star trek stuff. I owe this new fidelity to a selection of tools called "Solid Tools" They opened many new doors for me in sketchup and now that my trial ran out I nolonger have them. I was very offended and disappointed to learn that sketchup charges more than £500 for a single license to use Pro. I also cannot seem to get a clear read on their licence either, I cannot tell if I will need to renew it frequently, if its lifetime or if its infrequent renewal. But never the less, It took me quite some time to get enough money for a new computer now I must consider a potentially repeating £500 a year, every couple of years, For somebody living on benefits that is nightmare talk.

So for now, I cannot use sketchup because I refuse to back-pedal my quality. I know there are free alternatives that are even more powerful than sketchup, such as blender, However I cannot just watch tutorials on blender, I need a live, realtime tutor, thats just how I learn best. So thats not an option for me without a tutor I can actually speak to. 

(Honestly if somebody sends me a single link to a blender tutorial I will flip tables)

Anyway, for now my works are going to be restricted to lore, anything I can do with such as working on the new "Sector Maps" and creating renders with existing earthgate content. I will continue to develop earthgate but no new 3D content can be made in excess fidelity (that means no ships, no vehicles, no complex weapons)

On a more frustrating note.

It really does sicken me how much these people expect to be payed for modelling software, Sketchup is probably the lesser of them in audacity but I've seen others that charge 800, 1000, even tens of thousands "For single licences which must be renewed after so long" I swear its practically criminal, demanding repeated payment for a product. Why? They don't earn enough money with the already outrageous price tag?

Next Planned Stream:

Previous Stream:
Aug 11 2016
Rarity (laugh) plz by luckreza8

I will now be streaming my modelling sessions on Picarto.TV! You can come and chat and see WIP stuff, listen to music and get to know one another a little better! My Picarto streams will be erratic just like my inspirational swings, so check in from time to time and you may drop in on a live-stream *pun*
Princess Luna (hmm...) plz by luckreza8

Anyway, Gratuitous self oogling aside, My fundraiser was a success, Im now fully functional on Patreon!
And im on a new computer! Actually im on an old one, but its got shiny new components in it thats pretty much current gen tech. So modelling will continue, the galaxy map will be getting its much needed touch-ups and new "SECTOR MAPS" will be coming as they are finished! Sector maps will be posted here and on Patreon for free! You should also check out my Lore posts on Patreon, they are free to view for everybody!

I plan on getting things on the go again, Been loving running fallout4 at ultra with heaps of beauty mods, srsly its nnrgh! gorgeoussonata dusk EqG (is tacos thursday) plz by luckreza8
I hope to see you all soon on Picarto! and maybe even see you popping up as Patrons some day! speaking of which actually Im thinking about a little game where you could win some of the Patreon rewards for free if you win and runners up may get prizes too! more on that as it develops.

For now though, ttyl and have a good one.

OH OH OH!!!!
Totally forgot, Heres an example of what my new computer can do with modelling fidelity and this is just scratching the surface
Ventrillian Dunlock Arbiter Rifle by Gwentari
in order to ensure that Patron exclusive content remains exclusive, I wont be uploading any more Earth Gate material here that doesn't go into the "Public" section of Patreon. That being said, stuff will still get uploaded, just not as much, So no more interior maps, spec data or anything like that, just the base renders.

I will be tagging models with patreon links from now on though so it will be easy to find.

Question & Answer
Q: What about 3D models on sketchup?
A: They will be viewable only by patrons and people who know me on the warehouse, I wont remove any existing warehouse links here

Q: I like Earth Gate but I dont want to pay to view stuff
A: Fret not, public content will still show up here

Q: Whats public content and whats patron content?
A: Public is basic renders, Patron content is additionals like tech specs, interior maps, lore, the galaxy map and so on

Q: Whats happening to the galaxy map?
A: From now on, only small "B" variants of the galaxy map will upload to DA, full res versions will be available to download to Patrons

Q: Why the sudden interest in Patreon, you've never had much luck with it before?
A: I've been coasting on benefits and those wont last forever with the UK government in such a flux, I need to start making a living off what im good at. Its nolonger a choice, im medically unfit for work so I need to secure another income.

Q: Is Earth Gate still being developed or is it stopping till Patreon catches up with DA?
A: I love modelling, Earth Gate will still be updated, but you'll need to be a patron for the full showcase from now on.

Q: Old content here on DA is also showing up on Patreon whats the deal?
A: Existing content is being mounted into my Patreon wall and split up into Patron and Public content, It wouldnt be fair for me to deprive paying patrons of existing content, however much content from DA will not be going up on Patreon such as things pending re-models or detail updates.

Q: Whats your favourite food?
A: Pizza...

Q: Important one, I dont want to pay but I still want to help Earth Gate, how do I do that?
A: Supporting me with positive feed back, constructive reviews and generally being nice goes a long way, A job is well worth doing if you like it, but its a dream come true if people like you for doing it.

Q: Will your Deviant Art profile be closing down?
A: No, I will still upload all sorts here, I have side projects like Jade Warriors, Orbiter and ST: The Alpha Borders which will stay on DA

Q: I want to become a Patron, where do I go?
A: Right here - Patreon

Q: Hey I thought your computer was dying
A: Yes, she is, I've clocked Lyra at having about 5, maybe 6 months left if the degradation doesn't accelerate.
My best friend, longest running and all time favourite computer is starting to go. Lyra is an Alienware X51 that's served me faithfully for nearly 5 years. But now she's dying. I have everything I need to save her except for one thing. A motherboard bundle.

I have a new case, modernized graphics card, up to date ram, adequate powersupply. but she wont fit in the Beast's case without a proper non "mini" motherboard rig. She's struggling with renders, falling behind in games and now her hardware is starting to give out. I need £600 to purchase a new bundle and revive Lyra. Im starting at zero because of a few oversights beyond my control.

Never mind points, My friend just helped me set up my Patreon so here you go!…
Once long ago, there existed a great and powerful people. Kind and generous to all of their followers. Throughout their time, the great people slowly became dissatisfied with their existence. Eventually they began requesting more and more of their followers, seeking something to make them happy again. When their followers turned their backs, refusing the increasingly unfair requests, the great people were angered. In a fit of rage, the people began to take things by force, subjugating and killing anybody who stood in their way. As they spread across the stars pillaging and destroying, the stars that had once so faithfully stood with them, now turned against them. Summoning a great leviathan to attack the people. In their greed and blind fury, the people thought the danger was not a threat. An so the Leviathan struck at the heart of the people, it cast out its arm and struck their home, sinking it beneath the sea, and without their heart, the people withered. Forced into the squalor and discord they had brought upon so many others.

As the light of the once great people faded, the Leviathan ley at rest, asleep, waiting to serve the renewed benevolent people should they return, or strike them again should the corruption remain.

This is the story of the Varii and their great city of Atlantis.
Ever had somebody in you're company who's a total attention seeker? who blows everything out of proportion and acts without seeming to consider how it makes others feel?

If so take a step back. Its easy enough to immediately accuse them of being a drama queen, simply because its annoying to listen to and their apparently making a choice to act that way. Something you should consider before making accusations, Drama queen's act like their pent up about everything and need everything to be their specific balance of perfect by choice.

Here's what you may not have known, Some people act in a similar way without choosing it, Some people have very "near the surface" emotions or have phobias and conditions which make them really picky or quite "dramatic" in their behavior. So when you come across another Drama Queen, remember to sit back and think for a moment, try to find out if they are acting the intentional drama queen, or if they are not aware of it. People who are Drama queens through medical reasons, are potentially prone to psychological damage if pushed too hard, Nobody is asking you to make friends with everybody who gets easily offended, but dont make them feel like outcasts either.

Always remember that everybody has their reasons for things, even if those reasons are irrational, medical or otherwise.
I was asked this a while ago "What makes the alien technology in the Almera Universe so different? it all looks so much like modern tech"

I personally dont think that an alien assault rifle would be much different from our own, be it as old as a MP4 or as modern as the Advanced Combat Rifle (ACR) At the end of the day I hold to this little rule of style:

(Technology will uniformly and un-impression-ably conform to the laws in which it is made possible.)

In other words, if one race finds a magazine the most effective method for loading a gun with bullets, another race may find a detachable battery just as effective for loading a gun with energy rounds. For those of us who seek laymens terms, A gun will always appear to be a gun, no matter how much you change it. 

So when making Alien technology in the Almera Universe I dont sit and think to myself how alien can I make this? How much can I make this not human in origin, I think to myself, what are the conditions of this species and what makes the most sense for their way of being?
In example my newest deviation the Varii rifle, the Tera, its almost identical to an AR15 bar some of its attachments and components beyond the reciever. This is because the Varii live in a dystopian fallen eden, where they were once the most advanced, technological species but now they live in squalor, taking shelter in the ruins of their own cities, unable to read their own language, thus, they resort to using older technologies which require little to no serious education to use.…

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The man in the glass house with a gun among pacifists is a god for as long as he wields the gun.
So I discovered some old art I made back in highschool or around that time as a result of clearing up my room. Since most of the races in EarthGate are based on my old sketches and ideas, I thought it only fitting to add in this newest addition.

The Varii
A pseudo-ancient species who were just flowering as a space faring race during the collapse of the Sanxeri dominion. Thriving on the (at the time) abundant resource of abandoned Sanxeri technologies, the Varii quickly grew in power. However driven by a desire of peaceful exploration and discovery, many of the technologies they acquired were travel or science related.

The Varii's home world of Atlantis is primarily water covered at 82% ocean coverage. The scarce few landmasses of their home world were often mountain regions poking up out of the oceans. Varii cities often float atop the water with long struts to the ocean floor below. Originally however the Varii world was only 71% water, this was disrupted by the sudden introduction of large quantities of ice during an asteroid strike. 

Varii technology is often mysterious, clad in oriental materials, made to look naturally occurring and even seem biological in some cases. The Varii possessed powerful matter conversion technology allowing for instantaneous transportation of a volume of space to another location, Many Varii relay satellites have been lost to time and currently it is a mystery if there are even any living Varii left.

Archaeologists and Linguists alike have trouble understanding the Varii as unlike the Aquarions, Arcadians and Liandri, The only known correlation to human historical encounters are the rumors of the great city of Atlantis, lost under the sea. As opposed to much of far east Asia's culture being derivative of Aquarion culture and much of middle European culture being based on contact with Raedence Dysporia pilgrims.

At the end of the day, with next to nothing for comparison  aside from Plato and rumor, the Varii remain a total mystery.

On a world-building side of things

The Varii are the original builders of the Arcadian monolith, which forced their evolution into humanoid versions of their planet's fauna. The Arcadians retained many of their animal features because of Varii genetics. The Varii have bent back calves with bird like feet, bearing three forward toes and one large rear heel. Their bodies are covered with short fur often white or shades of light grey, they have tiger like head's with long muzzles, four arms each with its own set of three fingers and a single opposable thumb.

The differences between male and female Varii:
-Females have shorter muzzles with more slicked back fur
-Males upper arms are bulkier
-Females have a human like breast structure on their chests
-Males have slit pupils
-Females have rounded pupils
-Females often have short pointed ears
-Males have long rounded ears
-Females have superior sense of smell
-Males have superior hearing and eyesight
-Female Varii dont like accepting things and prefer to learn as much as possible about new subjects
-Male Varii are happy to take things as they are but will inquire is provoked
After a long period of elections, the people of Gaia (and you) have cast their votes in the TDC Chairman elections.

The winner by vote count:


Runner Up Sean Wayne will be taking the seat of Military Senator.
Despite pulling in more votes than Senator Wayne, Stephanie Mononoke has withdrawn from candidacy, attempts to reach Miss Mononoke have thus far failed.

Upon the chairman's podium, Idan Wokuba had this to say:

"People of the cabinet.. Im sincerely blown away, Voting for me has only proven what I've known all along. We are good people, You are good people. It is with a heavy heart that I must admit my ambitions are high and I may to achieve all of them, so Priorities must be set. I wont let anybody do this for me, I am going to be up all night and all day tomorrow working out which of my planned changes are best for you! I am going to make sure that you get the maximum benefit of my time in office! Today... Today, We join hands around those in need and we're going to do our very best to end disparity and poverty!"