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Wave Transport by Gwentari Wave Transport by Gwentari
Click for 3D View (Provided by Trimble)

In the vast flat deserts of the Caravan mining colony, far flung from the TDC borders ley many of the largest off-station mining operations the Terrans run. With the increasing TDC economy many workers on these distant worlds are left behind, expected to work in the same 'scrape by' conditions the colonies were founded in.

'WAVE' Rebels against colonial worker mistreatment
An organization based on Caravan devoted to grinding Caravan's productivity to a halt with peaceful protest and a strong message, convincing the working man to put down his pickaxe until the TDC are willing to pay fair wage and send up to date, safe and modernized mining equipment.

Also on Caravan is one of the Terrans largest off world marine training bases, making Caravan a common junk yard planet, to this end, the WAVE group have ready access to discarded civilian and even military technology. The Wave Rebel Transport is built from the crashed and recovered hull of a Hercules troop transport fitted with 4 jet engines to replace the VTOL thrusters, an improvised turbo prop turbine engine and the original Galera R6 engine, These replacements render the transport non-space worthy but it lasts far longer in atmosphere than other ships.

Many of WAVE's revolutionaries live in poor conditions, these craft make more accommodating homes than the crumbling colonial shacks that slowly age away with each dust storm. These transports also being homes makes them often covered in art work or written messages from children to parents or boyfriend to girlfriend and many others. WAVE themselves adopted their name as a counter to TIDE, Terran Investigation Division Enforcers, the usual group who arrest workers demanding better conditions.
ChristianMirra Featured By Owner May 18, 2018  New Deviant
This model is FANTASTIC!!!

Do you mind if I use it in our comic Space Junkies? 
I am currently working on a new story arc where the heroes are treasure and bounty hunters, and I'd love this to be their vehicle.
I would slightly modify it (e.g. remove the symbols, maybe change some colors) but the overall shape would stay and of course I'd credit you for your work.

Let me know if that's OK.


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