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Vray Campaign by Gwentari Vray Campaign by Gwentari
Each render window was set to exactly 533x400, both engines were given 52 seconds to render the room.

Twilight Render was purchased several months ago, this is the full version at work within the given parameters.
Vray Render has not been purchased, this is the free demo at work within the given parameters.

Vray Render will cost a total of £500 for me to purchase, I have spent most of today going over everything I can touch in the demo version and this is the image on the right is the end result of 8 hours of stumbles and accidents, the render on the left is the result of maxed out potential using Twilight Renderer's rather lacking facilities.

Please help me to raise money for Vray Render full version by donating to my charity pool on my deviant art page.

The enviroment rendered is the Terran's Prime class Corvette lower deck, the Gym/Medical Recovery Room, check out the prime here:
Prime Class Heavy Corvette by Gwentari Prime Class Heavy Corvette Interior Map by Gwentari 
the exterior render took about an hour, the interior map took 2 days with Twilight.
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October 15, 2014
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