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Ventrillian Destroyer by Gwentari Ventrillian Destroyer by Gwentari
This work in progress ship is a Ventrillian Navy Destroyer.
Not all naval warfare in the Almera Universe is in space, the Ventrillians still use warships to patrol their oceans and watch for ships re-entering from orbit, both as early warning and defence. Many modern starships are built to take a pounding from unconventional weapons like lasers and plasma rounds but few ships are built to deal with the Ventrillians antiquated ballistic weaponry, making old fasion Flack shells and artillery guns an ideal and well tested solution for planetary defence. At least thats how the ventrillians see it.

The Destroyer serves many purposes on Ventrillian worlds, Because most cant afford to travel the seas, there is no industry for public ocean travel, meaning travellers often book passage from continent to continent on military vessels, assisting in the ship's operation as payment, such as cooking, cleaning and heavy lifting. To this end, few ships on Ventrillian oceans are unarmed, skirmish warfare can be common as vessels stranded at sea will frequently resort to using lethal force to "aquire" resources from passers by.

Even Navy ships are known to fire on one another if resources have run dry, The Ventrillians outlook on the skirmishes at sea is "Its an Occupational Hazard" as they lack the resources or advanced technology to enforce maritime laws. The safest way to travel but also most expensive is to book passage aboard a cruiser or battleship, as they often travel in packs and with supply freighters. Destroyers, corvettes and schooners often travel alone and are treated with extreme suspicion. Due to the unsafe nature of a solitary vessel at sea, many ships also ignore SOS calls as its more likely to be a pirate or desperate trap than an actual SOS.

Needless to say, Life on the ventrillian oceans is dangerous, mortalizing and tense, however people from all races travel to Ventrillian worlds for the promise of handsomely paying work, adventure and discovery. As ventrillian oceans are highly uncharted, vessels frequently discover new islands, geological anomalies and fascinating natural oddities.
Yachieku Featured By Owner May 9, 2016
Looks like WWII auxilary cruiser (no low radar profile, no sensors, civilian look)
Gwentari Featured By Owner May 9, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thats the general idea, the Ventrillians are a very Steam/Diesel Punk style. Although space faring, they are only there because of donated technology, in truth the Ventrillians only practice space travel to keep their overgrown empire supplied via their agricultural colonies, the bulk of the Ventrillian population lives on their new homeworld Calsaverian. Since many of the supply space freighters de-orbit over the oceans as a safety precaution against crashes, the Aquatic naval activity is high, some ships try to impersonate the recipiant nation of the supplies, others will shoot down orbital freighters and just loot the wreck before it sinks. Another harsh reality for the Ventrillians at sea.
Yachieku Featured By Owner May 11, 2016
Interesting idea:) (Smile) 
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