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Type C Chrono Displacement Device by Gwentari Type C Chrono Displacement Device by Gwentari
Back in the first generation of Aquarion space flight, there was no efficient way to traverse hundreds of lightyears within an acceptable time frame. Generations would pass if a ship used conventional CPS to go any more than a single star system away.

A small research firm by the name of Isonagi had been experimenting with Chronological displacement theory and had a working atom blink device able to send small items like phones and glasses from one location to another almost instantly.

The Yatskatai foundation (Eridanus in Terran) reached out to Isonagi and offered the resources to re-construct their Chrono Displacement Device or C.D.D on a massive scale in space. The new joined pair adopted the name Isonagi Eridanus. Finishing the first working jumpgate over IosisPrime in the early years of the first generation of space travel, the 'Jump Gate' was found capable of trans-placing objects as large as cruisers to alternate locations in space, the larger the object the longer the transition time.

For small ships like frigates and shuttles, transit was almost instantaneous however ships of corvette grade and up had trouble arriving in one piece at the same speeds, meaning larger ships needed to spend longer in transit to ensure minimal damage. After a while Isonagi Eridanus started fabricating mobile C.D.D's called "Jump Ships" able to fire other ships ahead of them and then fire themselves to the same destination, allowing fleets to roam freely in space.

By the 2nd Generation however, the much less power consuming 'Faster Than Light' engine had been perfected by the Aquarion's and quickly ushered out the necessity for Jump Gates, leaving the total stationary jump gate count at around 7 confirmed gates.
Pixel-pencil Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh man! I love all the story behind it! :D
Gwentari Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you ^-^

Im considering uploading a text on Isonagi's theory of Chrono Displacement, Should I?
Pixel-pencil Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Student General Artist

I'm all for it, love the ideas of future science, always makes for a good read! :D
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