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Sirens, Aquarion Hammer Ball Team by Gwentari Sirens, Aquarion Hammer Ball Team by Gwentari
Captain Darei Yatskanei
Age: 314
daughter of the previous Sirens team captain, aquired her 'blind eye' when she was trampled on the field, an opponent stamped on her helmet trying to pass her shattering her visor, a blade of glass peirced into her eye, against her pain and shock she scrambled to her feet, intercepted the ball and managed to score before being dragged off the pitch by medics.

Fielder Maseda Kairi
Age: 212
mother of 3 and devoted parent, having been hounded all her life for being 'the big dumb clutz' she put her talent to use as a hammer ball fielder becoming one of the hardest fielders to steal the ball from.

Backup Fielder Uturi Jana
Age: 190
the brains behind mid field strategies, able to analyse the opposition and report on incoming play's.

Flanker Koda Tesikimaru
Age: 172
born with a genetic eye disorder and the aquarion equivalent to dwarf syndrom, she is both eagle eye'd and one of the fastest sprinters in the entire race, excelling at interception and pass blocking.

Backup Flanker Sisae Yarimi
Age: 188
quiet and a skiller pilferer, no amount of force seems to be able to keep the ball from falling into Sisae's hands.

Guardian Hishiri Ganshu
Age: 205
former giant in the galactic boxing championships, she now employs her impressive stopping power to protect the goal of the Sirens from attack.

Backup Guardian Tomoto Hadari
Age: 191
one of the few aquarions that can be considered overweight, few strikers have ever gotten past her sheer mass.

Striker Beshu Sae
Age: 294
team coach and master of deception, having taught the Sirens to be able to read her cryptic body language, the Sirens dont need to yell play's at one another mid game giving them an ominous silence on the field.

Backup Striker Hitiri Daishi
Age: 230
former explorer and wildlife documenter, using her experience in wrestling large unknown creatures off herself in defence, few Guardians can stop her charge.
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