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Seikat L13 Personal Holoprojector (HoloCat) by Gwentari Seikat L13 Personal Holoprojector (HoloCat) by Gwentari
The Seikat L13 is a personal hologram projector that maps to the wearer's body using (In legal partnership) Aktonia Medical scan data (which can be accessed by the individual it belongs to at any time) To project an assortment of various things over the body ranging from clothes to functional accessory's.

Version 1 of the Seikat L13 comes with a pre-built wardrobe and a watch app, although using the Zell Inovations companion application called 'ZellConnect' the wearer can purchase additional clothes and accessory's from the online store. 

To wear the device simply use its turn-lock mechanism and attach it to either the Zell shoulder harness or any compatible Zell made undergarments such as bra's or tank tops, the device will then sit comfortably over the shoulder blades.

The device its self comes with a Type 2 Plasma Driver rechargeable power core, a set of 4 Unibus computer ports and a charge intake port, The base model also can sustain a weeks worth of constant usage though Zell Innovations advises overnight charge every night, Although harmless, running out of charge in public can leave the wearer in just their underware.

The Seikat L13 also comes with an addon module wich can connect to household equipment such as car's, door locks and lights, allowing the user to start and unlock the car simply by approaching it, Unlock doors via proximity and toggle room lights when entering or exiting a room.

Lastly as a cosmetic feature the L13 is availible in several colours, the most popular of which being Pink and Green.
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June 24, 2014
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