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Project Universe Walker by Gwentari Project Universe Walker by Gwentari
Project Universe Walker.

A combined effort between Terran, Aquarion, Sanxeri and Liandri to establish a bridge to the approaching galaxy of Andromeda. Utilizing the cannibalized systems from the Sanxeri expeditionary capital ship that returned from Andromeda the effort produced the Cronos Class Cruiser and Universe Engine, working together the ship and accelerator gates placed across the void between galaxies, the estimated travel time as been brought down to a matter of weeks.

Thanks to subspace tunneling the time diallation effect has also been brought under control to a reasonable 3-4 day displacement, as opposed to the Sanxeri's galaxy engine causing a time diallation of several hundred years and the conventional FTL diallation of several hundred thousand years.

Once Launched, Cronos will meet Milky way relay's one, then two then cruise, then begin to decelerate into Andromeda, once there the Cronos will find a habitable planet and begin colonization and resource procurement to assemble and deploy Andromeda's Gate and two relays, completing the bridge and allowing two way travel.

(as a side note I know its spelled "Kronos" but thats what happens when an Aquarion picks a Terran name for a ship)
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