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JEC Type 7 Carbine by Gwentari JEC Type 7 Carbine by Gwentari
Click for 3D view (Provided by trimble)

The Type 7 Carbine or 'Advanced Carbine' is the primary weapon of the JEC Marines and Army.
Supporting mid range effectiveness of 400m standard, the Type 7 can also be upgraded with an extended barrel to fill the role of DMR and fight with a range of 800m.

Its standard fire mode is a triple round burst, but can be set to single shot fire. The Type 7 is light weight with an upper and right side attachment rail, fitting comfortably into the shoulder the weapon's Bull-pup design offers compact accuracy and firepower.
Gwentari Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Im such an idiot... XD
I spent 5 minutes reading and re-reading your comment trying to figure out what you ment, I finally got it, just now.

The bolt mechanism uses a 5 stage interlocking Tilt grip and slide. A bit more robotic that the normal bolt mechanisms on conventional weapons.

<------- Gwentari is an idiot, you may all point and laugh now.
Gwentari Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The majority of the barrel is internal, running over just above the grip and to the magazine.
The various mechanisms around the weapon are self contained, unlike most weapons this was designed in modules that can be interchanged, though not by much.

With sparse resources the JEC need to make the most of what they can get, The whole point of a bullpup is to contain the bulk of the weapon between the forward grip and the stock to allow for accuracy in CQB, long barrel conventional rifles struggle in tight spaces, the soldier often has-to raise the gun to get through openings.

The trigger mechanism is built around the barrel using a double sided hammer pull, it also uses an internal gas chamber which you can see the up-lifted section of the upper stock is covering.

Long story short-
All the important mechanisms are in the back, everything forward of the trigger is auxiliary structural and mechanical supports like anti-jam and electronics housings.
Yachieku Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014
Nice rifle, but I have one question:
How ammunition is extracted from magzine to chamber? Magazine is located in the end of body without any space for moving bolt.
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