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FIA Research labs and Hanger by Gwentari FIA Research labs and Hanger by Gwentari
The UNSC Faith in Arms was layed to rest in orbit above Victoris VII after a covanant scout party stormed through chasing a forerunner artifact. Not noticing the forerunner device the Faith in Arms took the covanant's appearance as an invasion sign and opened fire. The covanant didn't even bother to stop and fight, they just fired a single Catalyst Anti ship round and tore the Light frigate in half before it had even loaded its 3rd mac round. The crew of the Faith in Arms tallied its oldest crew member at the age of 28, Ensign Leric Batist who among many others were in the halls when the shot hit and de-pressurized the ship. Although the Faith in Arms remains in nearly geo-sinc orbit, its forward section burned up in atmosphere along with 113 crew members helpless to escape the planet's pull. Victoris VII remains a UNSC world and holds its record for never having any covanant forces set foot on it. The total service time from Launch to Destruction of the Faith in Arms was exactly 2days 18hours and 12minutes. Within the 12th minute of its service time the Arms fired 450 thousand dollars worth of firepower and suffered 3.1 million in damages. The ship has been deemed un-repairable and a satellite that crosses its path adjusts its course occasionally to keep it in orbit as a grave stone to those who died by the hands of the covanant before even seeing their first assignment.

Close up of the top of the Spartan/Marine Deployment lift, Hanger bay and Research & Development labs.
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February 10, 2013
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