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Don't Hate others for what they like. by Gwentari Don't Hate others for what they like. by Gwentari
I dont know what problem you have KAPbl4, I liked your deviation because I thought it was cool, why does it matter what I like or dislike? Sure im a Brony, but im a "Girl" so I get to like MLP, Will I try to shove it down your throat? no, Its not up to me what other people like or dislike.

But your "Cowboy Justice" is immature and childish, I sure hope you see this because for one, I never saw your "Warning" and two, you are hating people for what they like or for their culture, by definition you are making yourself a criminal of the modern day. So grow up and man up, because you cant control what other people like or dislike.

The fact that you blocked me without so much as a prior notice tells me barrels about your character, I really like your Space Engineers stuff and I think its awesome you have an EVE Online char as your avatar, I used to play EVE too and I play Space Engineers, but this is unforgivable, people like you caused the dark ages, So I hope you can be happy in your own little perfect world there...

But please dont lash out at others over your insecurities

For those interested here is the article he pointed me to
which I hadn't seen prior to favouriting one of his deviations.
No furry and pony faggotry allowedYou guys finally frazzled me out. From now on _ANY_ furfag or brony won't be tolerated here. _ANY_ fav, watch or comment from user with _ANY_ furry and\or pony stuff on page will follow with immediate block and comments wipe, if necessary.
You have been warned.
SPACENAVY Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015
So immature I can't even believe this is not satire.
Yachieku Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015
He need to eat a Snickers;) (Wink) 
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