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Class 130 City Monorail by Gwentari Class 130 City Monorail by Gwentari
Click for 3D View (Provided by Trimble)

Still working on Vray Demo, thanks to Pixel Pencil for directing me to Vray!

The Class 130 and Class 132 are the backbone of rail transit around the Gaia city module, light weight, nimble and controlled by DANA the station's core AI, the City Monorail is a powerful and smart machine. With a built in emergency break in the event of unexpected corrupt input or AI disconnect and emergency rope ladders, neigh sayers to AI automation have been put to bed, allowing the Class 130, the 3 car variant and 132 5 car variant to remain un-challenged as the City's main form of rapid ground transit.

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Yachieku Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014
Looks professional:) My only small advice is, maybe You could redesign coupling system (it looks very long), or make some kind of
"bridges" between cars allowing passangers to passing from car to car.
Gwentari Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I had thought about that during development, But I decided against it, my reasoning is that all 3 Car's are individually controlled by the master AI, in the event of failure each car knows the state of the other and responds appropriately, example, the middle car catches fire, the rear and front car's know to break coupling and the car behind it also knows to stop and back up, the middle car then immediately dispenses anti-fire fluids and gases throughout the car at the same time as opening the doors for passenger escape.

In short, the Class 130 doesnt have it car bridges because it gets in the way of the AI's safety protocols and these trains dont go long distance.

However, the Class 132 is an express and spends much longer in transit, to this end the Class 132 has different emergency protocols which allow for the application of Car bridges.

Also, Thanks ^-^ nobody has ever said I look professional before!
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