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CH 30 Xuanyi Ji by Gwentari CH 30 Xuanyi Ji by Gwentari
Click for 3D view (Provided by Trimble)

Manufactured by the re-incarnated Leer Jet company, now known as Anubis Aviation, the Xuanyi Ji was concieved when an Arcadian mercenary sold old world designs for the Chinese Z9 transport.

Built almost to replica with modifications to increase efficiency and create compatibility with newer fuels, the CH-30 or Z-11 Xuanyi Ji is quickly making its mark as the affordable go-to choice for local short range air transport, popular among air taxi services, business executives and colonists.

Equipped with twin pilot seats, Primary and Co, as well as comfortably seating 8 passengers whilst retaining the ability to move around the hull. Hitting the markets at roughly 900 credits if bought from Anubis directly, the Z-11 has earned the nickname 'The poor mans dropship' contrary to its nickname however the Z-11 holds a high standard for quality construction and reliability.

Anubis Aviation (formerly Leer Jet)

A small time company owned by CEO Eric Dawson, Anubis Aviation was founded on the prospect of brining aviation to the planetside population and breaking the landlock. Having its flagship product, the Z-11 skyrocket into the market quickly vaulted the company into unknown territory, now competing with manufacturing gaints like Terra Industrial and Sol Defence Tech. 

Anubis Aviation runs a small fleet of aircraft designs including:
-Z-11 Xuanyi Ji
A medium, twin engine rotary wing aircraft for commercial passenger transport and light weight cargo or sling loading

-CH 28 Amsterdam
A medium atmospheric tilt vector jet engine commercial craft for transporting upwards of 100 passengers

-CH 12 Rook
A light 2 seater VTOL popularly known as the 'Vulcan' and most commonly seen policing the skies of Gaia

-CH 40 Baltheon
A large tilt vector jet/chemical hybrid space faring passanger liner for short range travel, not equipped with any form of FTL engine.
NezumiYuki Featured By Owner May 7, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I am very impressed with your interior work, it looks incredibly accurate!
The LCD displays and even the controls look just right.
Very well done my dear! =D
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