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Black Hole Escape by Gwentari Black Hole Escape by Gwentari
Terran Golden Girl, Tabatha Sunset Escapes Blackhole Taika, by daringly slingshoting around it, coming within meters of being sucked through and stranded on the other side of the galaxy. Was the slingshot enough? Or will she loose her momentum and be sucked back in!


I had a lot of fun experimenting with my tools in Paint.NET on this one, im still not a great image artist but I think im getting better with every project. The Ship in this image is Tabatha Sunset's personalized Galeron R9 Mazeraki Rcon King.

Black Hole Taika in the Almera Universe is a ferocious and destructive super massive black hole which erupted in a binary star system, it grew large enough that it began to suck in its neighbouring star system making it officially the largest singularity in the milky way galaxy. 

Lore on Black Hole Taika.

Taika is Aggressive, Super massive and in its life span has consumed two neutron stars and a blue giant, along with their surrounding celestial bodies, Black Hole Taika so far has defied the laws of mass convention stating that once super critical mass is achieved Taika should consume its self. Terran astrologists have been studying Taika for years trying to determine its nature. Aquarion scientists have come to the conclusion that Black Hole Taika is a brand new galaxy's core, growing in the womb of the milky way. The only species to have ever mastered Taika was the Arcadians, who since have lost the technology to safely enter the biblical singularity.

In Lore, Black Hole Taika is not a black hole at all, but a puncture in the make-up of space time, where to points in space violently clash together, where space is both being destroyed and created, the Arcadians refer to this as the Bianzar Anomaly. As Taika grows, it will continue to suck in matter, in several billion years it will consume the milky way, after that it will begin to collapse and drag in surrounding galaxies, until an event known to Arcadians as "Arvatargia" occurs where Taika will finally end, and in doing so rip the known universe in two, creating two brand new dimensional plains.
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