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Aquarion Arksan (Tutor) by Gwentari Aquarion Arksan (Tutor) by Gwentari
Often revered as one of the easiest lines of work in Aquarion society given the Aquarion's Utopian appearance, the Arksan or "Tutor" actually has one of the most dedication demanding jobs and needs to have a steeled personality.

Aquarion youngsters are obligated into education until the age of 80 where they then are free to live their own path. Most Aquarion children will have around 7 Arksans before leaving school. The Arksan must be well versed in all fields of education that their class is involved in as well as having good skills with people, children in particular. As a lesser requirement but still needed, Arksans must pass a patience test, where they are stressed to breaking point deliberately with simulated class room annoyances without reacting at all. They score based on how long they last before snapping.
Ten minutes is akin to 5 points, A Tutor is considered "Passed" if they can accumulate 70 points in one session, at minimum.

Arksans also handle the paper work for their class, making sure every child's medical needs are met and with the help of their 2 classroom assistants they often manage a class of between 60 and 100 students in lecture style halls. At the disposal of an Arksan, A powerful in-room PA system linked to their headset, advanced holographics for visual lessons and a large 3x8 meter monitor on the forward wall. 

Aquarions enforce high standards in their education, maintaining their record for the galaxy's finest education system, second only to the Terran Academy, formerly the UN Academy. 

Aquarion school's are called Arks, or Senior Arks for older students participating in furthered education. An Ark will welcome any student from any race regardless of qualifications, existing education or employment record. However, Aquarion Ark's have strict low tolerance for bad behaviour and Racism is dealt with immediately, Ark's also warn students that the Aquarion law effects all ages, and continued racism will result in Law enforcement getting involved.

Most Arks have the standard facilities of an Aquarion school, 10 classrooms each with roughly 100 students, restrooms, cafeteria and other amenities like music rooms, main lecture hall, gym and holographic simulation room. Arks are also surrounded by large "School Grounds" covered in grass and well maintained by the school's botany department, the Ark flower garden. Unlike Human culture, Ark's cooperate instead of compete, achieving together in a decade what most other race's schools would require both furthered education and extended years in standard education to achieve. 
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