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Angelus Aeternitatis by Gwentari Angelus Aeternitatis by Gwentari
There is something to be said for religion, Sightings, Visitation, Possession, Divine Visions, Faith and So much more. But Religion can be seen as one great big rumour, and all rumours have a basis in truth to some degree.

What Religion calls Magic, Science calls Technology and where Religion claims "afterlife" Science claims "Ascension" though neither side is willing to admit similarity to the other, Unknown however to the residents of the Milky way galaxy, be them Aquarion, Human or anything in-between is that Religion and Science are one and the same.

Hidden and unknown, beyond where the eye can see, the corporeal dead become energy for the ascended, like air to the living, Life and Death produce an energy that creates the non corporeal basis for existence of the Ascended races of the galaxy's past. These beings, the "Ascended" evolve as a species ascends into their plain of existance, adopting traits from the new species to join them. Quantum theorists and chronologists will tell you that time has a way of course correcting its self, but they claim that nature is just a means to describe the circle of life.

The continuum of life is governed by the "Ascended" like a Gardner tending her plants, Time machines have yet never been invented in the Almera Universe because the Ascended refuse to allow the galaxy that much self control, because it would destroy the plain in which they exist. To avert disaster for themselves and the corporeal beings they govern, they send agents into the corporeal plain known as Angels to humans, Quantum Harpies to the Andromedans and Oni to the Aquarions.  Although no evidence of such beings exists in enough quantity to be considered proof, Angels stand roughly 8 feet tall, have no upper strength limits and do not require to breathe, they also wear solid white masks and carry a staff with scripture depicting their individual identification, purpose and soul.
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December 31, 2015
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