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Ak 74 [Type 3 Assault Rifle] by Gwentari Ak 74 [Type 3 Assault Rifle] by Gwentari
Click for 3D view (Provided by trimble)

Having successfully returned from an earth raid, the New China frigate NC: Jung Jay brought back over a thousand units of AK 74's from an abandoned Arabic weapons cache, using the crates existing chinese markings the NC managed to pass this shipment through Terran customs, claiming legal ownership.

With a surplus of new weapons, cheap, reliable and efficient, the NC may start to crop into the picture again.


I had a lot of fun making this, so much crap went wrong XD
I built it from a picture online of the AK74, The most fun part to do was probably the gas line and barrel, they were really intricate, Im also finally getting the hang of the intersection tool now which you may notice around this model. 

Since the New Chinese are very 'old world' in their ideology and designs I figured it would be good practice and make sense in the Almera Universe for them to recover a cache of weapons formerly owned by the Peoples Republic of China.

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October 20, 2014
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