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70T by Gwentari 70T by Gwentari
Manufactured by Royal-Cell and Aquarion information transit company, the Kabiza Unicom 70T see's both civilian and military use, durable, intelligent, light weight and powerful.

In civilian hands it functions as a cell phone, bank card, camera, internet access point and many others. With smart facial scanning security the phone know's when its in its owner's hands. Built in Planetary Positioning and com network analysis tools allow even the most lost individual to find their way around strange colonies and unknown places as well as reach home or friends from anywhere on any colony.

In military hands it serves as a micro command device, hard-linked into military networks with the powerful 'GENos7.5' the 70T has seen roles in recon, range finding for snipers, engineering aids via its camera and has even saved lives, giving field medic's direct and immediate communication with more qualified medical personnel at a moments notice.
Reprogrammable, Multifunctional and robust, all key features that make the 70T a galaxy leader in twin purpose devices.

The manufacturer, Royal-Cell developed the 70T in responce to the growing need for cross and extra planetary communication both for civilians, privateers and military. Royal-Cell has gone un-challanged for over 200 years as a head figure in communications research and development, electronics manufacturing and computer component universalization. 
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September 18, 2014
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