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Some of you may have noticed i've been getting less and less detailed in the greeble/fidelity department.

I've found that trying to keep to a constant standard of detail is what was driving me away from modelling, I find creation fun but if I turn it into a chore I just cant do it. So I decided im going to settle on varying levels of detail based on how im feeling and how far I want to take a model. 

An earthgate ship with a full interior and living amenities, sensor stations, bridge greebles and such is a once in a while project, It takes a lot of work and I dont like spreading work out over several days, more often than not I wind up putting projects on the back burner when I do that, only coming back to them years later. Where as im enamoured with the outcomes and fidelity, cramming that much into my usual "Get it done in the same session I started it" attitude, It is exhausting. 

Making a sword of some wand or something for Rival Dynasties is lots of fun because its mostly just shaping some components and welding them together!! FUN! its great to see something come together so quick but their relatively un-important in the grand scheme of things.

A super massive capital ship with no interior but lots of turrets and windows and little nook's and crannies can be just as much work as a small ship with an interior, so to that end I came up with the usual idea of Earthgate's capitals protecting their weapons under hull plating, But its still fun to draw up all the little details on certain styles of ships, like Aquarion or Human who have exposed weapons, on the other hand its easy to churn out the simplistic Dunlim or Liandri ships because they dont have many if any surface weapon nodes at all.

At the end of the day I found that just going with the flow is the best way to do it!! I have fun and it keeps modelling interesting for me.
My next dilema to fix is how to feel satisfied with my content... -__-.
Its been difficult to feel accomplished just making models and giving rough cannonic descriptions of their places in my universes (bar Battletech, I make no claims to be an author of battletech, just an avid fan) I have libraries of content built up in my head on Earthgate and littered through my folders for Sevastopol, Rival Dynasties and Twin Dawns. (each are EarthGate sub-verses)

Its very frustrating having a talent for modelling which allows me to visualize my content but no talent for writing which would allow me to bring my content to life. Maybe I should consider going back to school and learning how to write novels?
So BATTLETECH came out lately and I tried it, personally I didnt like it, I'll hold out for Mercenaries 5. But its put me in a battletech universe mood, My friend and I have been doing a long standing Battletech RP campaign which has been alot of fun! Its nice to take a break from my own universe and play with another one.

For those who dont know what BATTLETECH or the Mechwarrior Mercenaries games are I suggest you look them up, decide for yourself. I only have one advice for you.

As of late official review companies like IGN and RPS are getting too lazy and dont even try to learn a game before spouting hooey about them so I say, Ignore the fluff, find the substance and make your own decision! so go check it out! 

In the mean time I'll get to uploading some of the works that were exclusive to Patreon for a while so you can see the progress I made whilst I was away.
Im going to be shutting down my Patreon soon because the expectation of content upkeep in return for profit just didnt feel good for me and it was causing art blocks and break-downs. From now on all my content will be posted to DA be it independant, EarthGate, Rival Dynasties or Sevastopol related.

Equestria Girls - Lemon Zest head-bopping by Botchan-MLP


Beth Castle Taylor
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Im a 21yr old female living in the middle of Scotland biding my time until the apocalypse of giraffes consumes the cosmos...

In reality, I am 21, I am a girl and I do live in Scotland.

I enjoy 3D modelling, the concept of generating content in as little or as much detail as I like fascinates me. My current tool of destruction is Trimble Sketchup but I want to learn newer tools to move up and get better. I draw Manga occasionally but I cant do it on the computer so without a decent scanner or one of those fancy new 'screen tablets' for drawing on, Im stuck there.

I dropped out of education for stress reasons and although I dont advise it unless its a critical life choice, I will say its had its ups and downs. I suffer from Anxiety in unfamiliar situations such as the work environment or in large groups of people, just two examples. I live my life online and love to play video games with my friends and text RolePlay, a lot of my latest deviations have been for the RP im running.

My favourite things are

Music: Sci-Fi / game soundtrack
TV: Stargate / My Little Monster (anime) / MLP (Im a girl I get to like MLP)
Games: Star Citizen / X3TC / Kerbal Space Program / Take On Mars
Food: Pizza (because who doesnt like Pizza?) / Apple Tango / Ham Sandwiches
Movies: Oblivion / Wreck it Ralph / Black Hawk Down

Lately I have also become Gluten Intolorant, like my Mum.



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