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This is Oko. He's basically a frogtaur. His specific specimen is dendrobates azureus. More commonly known as blue poison dart frog or Okopipi.
Or... To be totally exact, he is a dendrobates tinctorius (dyeing poison dart frog). This specimen have several very different-looking variations. Blue poison dart frogs were previously though to be an individual specimen, so while Oko is a morph of the main specimen, most still know this morph under it's previous individual specimen name.

Territory Name: Praevalere
Species: Blue poison dart frog (Dendrobates tinctorius - azureus morph).
Rank: Omega
Gender: Male
Age: Around 18 years old
Special abilities/weaknesses: General blue poison dart frog abilities and weaknesses.
- Frog tongue: Take a wild guess on how Oko hunts.
- Poisonous skin: Oko's skin is covered in a poisonous fluid, and can paralyse or even kill creatures that get the poison in it's system. Don't try to bite him, or lick his skin, if you're not resistant.
Also be aware, that Oko's poison taste really, really foul. Even if you are resistant, he probably won't make for a very good meal.
- Clingy toes: In his gamma shape (not earned yet), Oko can climb on glass, or hang upside down on stuff. Oko's omega shape is too heavy to do such feats, but he still is an excellent climber, as long as the surface is rough enough to hang on to.
- Must stay moist: Oko's frog nature dictate him to have moist skin. His natural inhabitant is the rainforest, where this doesn't pose any problems at all. He will however get in serious problems in very dry environments.
- Sticky skin: Oko's skin is rather sticky. Small things may sometimes cling to it. While generally annoying in his omega shape, this actually is used as a help for clinging to things in his natural beta shape. The stickiness also helps him stay moist.

Personality: Oko is a young and eager hunter, who's more than ready to stand up for his right to live in praevalere. Who are you to say that bug-eaters are not carnivores?
He loves to sing loud frog-songs, and is quite good at it (unfortunately, frog-song is an acquired taste. Most other species seem to prefer bird-music).

Oko is pretty easygoing and friendly, but tends to keep a literal arms-length distance to others, as his skin is pretty poisonous. As a result he rarely get close to others.
Luckily, blue poison dart frogs aren't pack animals.
In fact, like all blue poison dart frogs, Oko is extremely territorial. Show him another poison dart frog near his home, and he will show aggression towards it.

Oko is terrified of snakes. Don't expect him to get along with any snake specimens.
He's most likely to go stiff in fear while they are near him, and in general try to avoid all contact with snakes if possible.

History: Oko is a second gen VoS taur. His parents originally came to the valley from a much more stable and usually warmer climate (temperate rainforest), but managed to survive despite the very different environment.

Oko has a few siblings still alive (don't ask about the dead ones), that are scattered across Praevalere. They all grew up under their parents love and care, but being very territorial, they do not live close to each other, and very much know where each of their siblings domains starts and ends.
They thrive during the summer, but has a very rough time during winter, often having to resort to seafood like shrimps, as everything else with exoskeletons seems to go away once the temperature goes down.

As Siyyon is a pretty extreme cultural melting pot for taurs, Oko has taken some cultural habits from his parents, and others from Praevalere and VoS in general.

Predatory note: Oko hunt using his tongue. Unless your character is a bug that is small enough to be caught this way, there really isn't anything to fear near him.
Bugs probably should stay away from him when in gamma shape, though. And they might receive a very interested look from Oko when meeting him in general.
Oko's general menu is a mix of ants, beetles, flies, mites, spiders, termites, maggots, and caterpillars. Yummy!

Fun fact 1: Blue poison dart frog court each other by having the males sitting on a rock attracting females. Once the females have found a nice male, they will fight each other for the right to keep him.
Oko isn't quite aware that most other species have these particular gender roles switched.
In fact, he's not even properly aware, that most other species in Praevalere doesn't start out their lives as tadpoles (later turning into frog-children).

Fun Fact 2: Blue Poison Dart Frogs are lousy swimmers (notice the lack of web between their toes).
As most other frogs of his specimen, Oko really can't swim.

Pictures of Oko as a child:

Use of Oko: Oko can be used by other members of #Valley-of-Siyyon for VoS related things. As long as no extreme character developement (or damage) occurs without asking me first I won't mind.
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he is just a cutie D:~♥♥