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MLP: Queen Majesty



Childhood nostalgia overdrive. I played a lot with my very pink My Little Pony Dream Castle back in the mid 80ties.
In case you're not as old as me and female, Queen Majesty was part of the Dream Castle set that also came with the baby dragon Spike.

I thought it would be funny to make a different sort of MLP fanart.
You know your childhood fandom has taken an interesting turn, when practically none of the existing fans has any idea of what you're talking about when you're referring to your childhood MLP treasures. :P (That said, I have seen the first season of friendship is Magic and enjoyed it very much. I haven't had the time to see season 2 yet).

A bit about the designs, as I had to make some design decisions while taking it into a more realistic style:
Spike: This is Generation 1 Spike, that came with pointy pony-like ears on the top of his head: [link] (I honestly think the FiM version is an improved design, but I figured I'd go full G1 here).
Majesty: I decided to give her blue hooves, as it'd look silly to make them white, and it's obviously OK to go with pretty colours. The golden shoes were actually part of the play set. They could go on and off her (and other ponies) hooves and were the prettiest kind of shoe accessories I had for my ponies.
Majesty is stated as a visual inspirations for Rarity, and while she wasn't my favourite when I was a very young child, I really liked her look, and when I later thought back on my MLPs she was the one I thought most beautiful.
The castle: Obviously, the actual toy castle didn't look like this. It had three walls, that could be collapsed to a triangle or folded out to a "huge" castle when you played with it. So I took that as inspiration for a very girly fairytale castle. ;)

Fun fact: I actually had a hard time finding DA groups, that allows G1 fanart drawn in a style like this.
A lot of the current large groups are FiM only. And the biggest "old generations" group I could find don't allow individual style (old cartoon style only), in order to avoid drawings in G4 style.

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Great work on the picture.

Although, I don't see what the whole purpose is for Spike to exist in My Little Pony. And, the idea of Spike being Majesty's "pet" was also pretty stupid. No offense intended, but I expected Majesty would have a mammal, like, a cat, a dog, or something more fitting, instead of dragons.