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Harry Potter - Buffy Cross...

Drawing made for a competition at a Danish art gallery. The subject was to combine two fandoms.

Here's the trio from Harry Potter getting a little too closely acquainted with the trio from Buffy the Vampire Slayer for Harry's liking. People familiar with both fandoms will know that these guys share practically similar character roles.

Harry = Buffy: "The chosen one" prophesied to fight great evil.
Hermione = Willow: Geeky teen genius.
Ron = Xander: Seemingly useless comic relief.

You can actually draw quite a lot of parallels between important characters from those two fandoms. For instance Draco = Spike: The evil character that's never quite powerful enough to be a real threat and slowly gets more and more pathetic (from an evil perspective). Disregarding the whole Spike/Buffy love affair of course. I know your fan fictions tells you similar things about Harry/Draco, but it's just not canon, guys. ;)

First season of Buffy came out the same year as the first Harry potter book, BTW. The Buffy characters were older, though. So I have tried to hit something near Buffy third season to match 6th year Hogwarts.

This was made in the very last hours before deadline. The colouring is done in less than 1½ hours.
Hermione really doesn't have that many distinct visual characteristics if you take away her hair. And follow canon that gives her normal teeth in her year.

Harry Potter © J.K. Rowling
Buffy the Vampire Slayer © Fox
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LOL!!! Will there be a fic about Harry turning to Buffy?
Gwennafran's avatar
Brrr... It's probably out there but it won't be made by me.
AvatarLogan's avatar
Will there be more Buffy/Harry fan art?
Gwennafran's avatar
Probably not. Sorry...
AvatarLogan's avatar
Harry as Buffy lol!!! Will there a fic were Harry becomes Buffy?
Gwennafran's avatar
*shudders* One can only hope not...
Mika-Mustang's avatar
Seemingly useless? Please. No need to be nice. Xander is completly useless. And, when you think, Ron can be too...
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Actually, in the late seasons Xander evolves into one of the overall mentally strongest characters. The others may have had the powers to destroy things, but he was one of the few factors keeping them mentally fit for fight.
Also, you don't notice it because he seems so powerless compared to slayers and witches, but around the time of the 4th season, he probably had 4 times the "kill count" of vampires than even the best human soldiers. Yet, ironically, even the soldiers probably considered him a weak civilian. X)
Mika-Mustang's avatar
Well when you put it that way... Guess sometimes you need another set of eyes =3 Still love the pic x3
Manders20100's avatar
My two favorite fandoms!! Great work! :aww:
girl0in0question's avatar
lol, this is pretty funny. I love the look on Harry's face.
Luluthir's avatar
lol xD buffy der flyver på en kost og slayer vampire.. se, det ville satme være et underligt syn.
Er vilde med dine farver<3
Gwennafran's avatar
LOL. Du mener farvelægningen lavet superhurtigt+ Det kan jeg vist kun tage som en positiv ting så. Jeg er begyndt at have en del rutine i Photoshop. ;)
Luluthir's avatar
det kun godt xD eftersom jeg selv er photoshopfreak.
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haha! Harry is Buffy! this is just great! And you are right.. those 6 characters are actually very much alike.
Gwennafran's avatar
That they are. ;)
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