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MSP Round 4

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This is my fourth entry to :iconsenshi-pageant: - the enemy is introduced comic!

:bulletblack: About the Enemy :bulletblack:

You may already know of Sailor Eta Carinae, a fellow pageant contestant. And while both Eta and M88 are rather posed on stage, when the two cross paths all hell breaks loose. Their feud goes way into their past, when both senshi were under a different alias and M88 was more power hungry. Eta is a very determined, take no crap type of senshi...and she is also very amused by M88's outbursts. This only irritates M88 more, who believes she is the best and should be treated with the utmost respect.

While the two aren't exactly arch enemies in the traditional sense, the feelings between them has been so instilled in their every being that they continue to fight throughout time. Eta usually greets M88 with an amusing remark which is usually answered by a surge of anger from M88 or an invitation to fight. Most of the times Eta gets the upper hand since M88 is so hot headed, but this time they meet, M88 sneaks in an attack. Though the lead she gains does not stay with her long as Eta quickly realizes that M88 means to hurt her. She quickly regains her amused guard and runs off after she punches M88 into a mirror. Such an act only infuriates M88 who's rage explodes as she clenches her fists, sending out a burst of weak lightning that shatters the surrounding mirrors. This is the first time this power has appeared in her current life.

Sailor Messier 88 (M88) is pretty much a ticking time bomb, anything can and will set her off. While she oozes confidence and grandeur, she is rather insecure inside. Anytime she feels someone is questioning her merit, her very essence, or just poking fun at her, she will attack them - sometimes without warning. She cannot control these feelings most of the time like many others can - it is a problem that has plagued her since the beginning of her senshi career, and it is usually one that gets her in trouble.

In M88's many past lives, when she became so engulfed in her anger and recklessness, she would unlock an ability to create lightning. However, nearly every past life that lightning has appeared, M88 ends up destroying herself. She had learned so much already and greatly improved, but perhaps she has no escaped herself quite yet...


:bulletblack: Random Ramblings: :bulletblack:

OMG! I bit off WAY more than I could handle. I tried to knock this out right away, but life just totally took center stage this month and I didn't want to pass on the round when I already had started. Visiting in-laws, the flu, power outages, and a tornado. Hahaha, this comic has a more interesting "how it's made" story than the one in the panels I think. lol. While it's not exactly how I would've liked it to look, I really do love it. It was a labour of love <3 Maybe someday I'll revisit this and make it truly great.

I studied a many comic book for this round (gee such a tough task lol). Like I think this comic has the most labour, effort, blood, sweat, tears, and time put into it than anything else I have. I got two new help books for making comics and have been trying to practice on dynamic poses and more of a comic book anatomy. The faces look weird to me still....But I'm trying to show emotion other than the sexy look I usually give my characters. I've been trying to draw different body types and facial features, ex. M88 has a more athletic body, while still feminine, she has a younger looking face with a button nose. Eta, I gave a more sexy and mature look.

I also tried to utilize many things I liked about the more modern comics, which included characters coming out of their frames. I didn't do too much of that because I didn't like the look of it, so it's more subtle. I did greyscale, because I LOOOVE black and white drawings <3 That and I thought it'd be cool to play around with a manga/comic book feel. I used screentones provided from my old ass version of Manga Studio. Most everything is coloured by hand though and then the screen tones are added for extra texture. I wanted to emphasize the blood and lightning in this comic, so they are both in colour whereas everything else is in black and white.

Most of the sound effects are actual onamonapia words I found from a comic book lingo dictionary, some I made up because I couldn't find one that fit for me. I researched types of speech bubbles - obviously the pointy burst is shouting/anger, but apparently the cloud looking ones mean amusement too. And of course the regular speech bubbles are normal tones. I left them plain white to break it up a little. Pimping out the speech bubbles made it look too busy. I also really liked the look of the black border with the comic, although the white border looks so much more clean, traditional and you can see the characters popping out of the frames better, but...I like the black more. I dunno why, I just do. So I'm sticking with that ^^

It's a little fast paced, yes, but I was trying to pack as much into 14 panels as possible as I felt I couldn't do more than that. It's meant to be as if you opened up the comic to a random page, page #9 and this is what you see. Why #9? Because it's my favourite number, that's why lol. Also, I got the idea to do the page number like that from my old Amazing Spider-Man comics, in case you're wondering.

Bottom panel was the original concept, it was just going to be one scene, but then *Stuffed-Frog and I came up with the wonderful idea to pit Messy and Eta against each other. That's also why the bottom panel looks a bit different than the rest - it was drawn apart a month before the other panels.

And I totally thought today was Wednesday, not Thursday. Ugh.....

Panel 4 - picture of myself, lawl
Panel 6 -…
Panel 8 -…
Panel 9 -…
Splatter -…
Screentones - Manga Studio 4.0
Inspiration for comic - Spider-Men, Sailor Moon manga, Wormwood, among others.


Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi
Sailor Messier88 belongs to =Singing-Kiwi
Sailor Eta Carinae belongs to *Stuffed-Frog
Art belongs to =Singing-Kiwi
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I somehow missed this when it was first posted.


Your ability to capture the 'comic' style so seamlessly is awe inspiring!
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Aww thank you, Nekk! :]
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It turned out awesome Kiwi!! Nice work!! :heart:
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This is why you're fabulous <3
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Wow! This is amazing! It looks professional.
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This is some solid comic work. I'd like to see more attention paid to the speech balloons and font though. 
runesael's avatar
I feel like they're a bit thrown in, rather than being integrated into the overall image of the comic. It's not jarring, but it's just something I'd personally change. 
GwenMayhem's avatar
Hmm...No, I'd have to disagree. Since I have been an avid comic book collector and studied many an American comic book for this piece. If you were to look at them, you'll see they do the same thing with their speech bubbles. That's what I was going for. I did mix elements of manga as well, but I wanted it to be more of a comic book feel. Thanks for the feedback though, but I won't be changing it because I did it that way on purpose.  ^^…
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This is absolutely amazing. I like how it doesn't actually scream manga, but instead uses a style more akin to American comics. Bravo. <3
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Thank you! :D That's what I was going for!
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Hot DAMN, this is GORGEOUS! Great job, they are both super sexy!
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Aww thank you!
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Looks so cool! Shading is just great! :love:
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Wow! This is totally epic!! :D Two very awesome senshi in it too. Great job!!
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This is awesome!
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Well done !!!!  Bravo !  :)
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