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Spider-Gwen Just Wants To Be Loved

I'm not too sure what I was thinking. I took the line in the comic and made something cute and depressing. Why? Good question, I did this a couple of weeks ago when depressed. I felt like doing the cute depressed chibi's I've seen, like with the Deadpool "I have issues"

If I made the text- well, not my bad writing when drawing thing, think it'd make a cute shirt?

Copic Markers with Prismacolor colored pencils.
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Sep 24, 2014, 10:20:47 PM
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Me*cals Doctor Fate* Yo, Doc! I have a favor to ask!

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Oh Gwen-Spidey we all love you for real!
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Don’t cry Gwen. I like you.
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I think it would make a great shirt, I love the deadpool one, honestly my favorite shirt
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Thanks! Hmm, maybe I'll make this into a fully digital image and see if I can get it into a shirt over at welovefine
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So cute and sad!! >n<
GwenCanDrawZat's avatar
I feel yah. :c
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*hugs chibi spider-gwen* I luv u :3
And you're welcome ^^
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Chibi Spider-Gwen loves you too.
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We are love you and the Simpsons
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Haa we love you spider-gwen
GwenCanDrawZat's avatar
I am sure she appreciates it. :aww:
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i hope so she is tooo cute 
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I stick my hand out to her - Take my hand. Please. U got my support. Spider-Gwen. 
i love u gwen we all do.
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A big hug..... especially peter parker hes got to be the most tragic hero who's ever lived. guy just cant no breaks.... um see what i did there?! didnt mean it like that anyways peter has the most tragic things that happens to where as most characters get a break. Any self respecting marvel fan knows is that the unspoken and injustice rule is that PETER PARKER CANT BE HAPPY.... EVER!!! Marvel writers just cant leave him the crap alone it really irritates me as a hard core fan. in the movie i was not suprised by the death bcause it played a huge role in the original story. yes its messed up but unfortunately its how it is. batman only had his parents died peter has lost so many people it suprises me he hasnt became evil yet. i probally snap at this point. anyways that is the many reasons hes my favorite superhero.... the outrageous bull he has to deal with on a constant basis.
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That's adorable and sad at the same time nooo 
Your chibis are so adorable!! ^^ It's really really cute, I think it'll look good on a shirt :) 
GwenCanDrawZat's avatar
I'd certainly wear it on a shirt. :XD:
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You're welcome!! 
I'm sure it'll look really cute! :D 
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