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Ozpin explains that he isn't Dumbledore
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I had this idea in my head of Ironwood repeatedly addressing Ozpin as Dumbledore and Ozpin has to list all the differences between their characters to get him to stop.

So who is Ozpin?

Well, this wise old school headmaster (a school which holds a particular cultural and political significance in this universe), who is actually a master combatant, sees something special in our protagonist, so he encourages them to enroll in his school. Why? To fight an upcoming war that only he seems to know about, of course! He knows the titular character and crew will be of particular importance in this conflict. They won’t be alone, though. He’s also the leader of a secret group of badasses! Mostly teachers, and including a somewhat reckless father figure to the protagonist, these folks are also in on the secret war which he doesn’t talk about til later, because he wants to let kids be kids or something. He's eccentric but widely respected by almost everyone, even those in high positions of power.

But at least Dumbledore's really old, while Ozpin is um... never mind.

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