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Feeling game-of-thrones-y, so I made a house emblem and words.

It's a bobcat (they're local to our area) that I drew based on a photo I googled, in front of a shield obscuring a Mosin Nagant (I got one recently, I really like it and all things русский) with bayonet and a tweaked Master Sword (love Zelda). The words are on my short list of personal mottos and come from the song by Garbage (I'm also a big Metal Gear fan). The font is Seagram TFB.…

It looked like the bobcat was decapitated, so I added those flowers, but I'm not sure if I'll keep that.

Big Kitties

Also, after watching s03e09, I don't want to play the Game of Thrones anymore.

Yeah, I tried to put it on my credit card but they wouldn't let me. I thought it was the weapons, so I stripped the sword and Mosin, but they wouldn't take that either. I called them, turns out they think it's someone else's professional work so they won't let me put it on there. I feel very complimented and frustrated.
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