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Last year I got a series of commissions based on girls from SEGA games that can be found here: This year I plan to do the same, this year's theme will be girls from Manga and Anime before the 2000s. If anyone wants to suggest a girl or two they would like to see, you can do it here: This are just suggestions so writing a girl doesn't mean she will get a drawing but I will consider it. Last year I received some great suggestions for the SEGA comms and you probably got a great girl I forgot or don't know.
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Last year I got commissions about various Sega classics and while there are some series missing like Sakura Wars and Phantasy Star for example, this year I wanna go with another theme so I will share the comms I got in this post: First we have Selvaria and Alicia from Valkyrie Chronicles by jomar201978. I really like how they still have thin waists and big chest but now also got big muscles. The rivalry vibe of the drawing is fantastic. jomar201978 also made this drawing of Ulala and Pudding from Space Channel 5. They look wonderful in those outfits, seems like they are doing a beach report. It is clear that Pudding doesn't want a co-star but Ulala doesn't mind. No Sega collection would be complete without a Sonic themed drawing and Nitori-Firefox did an amazing work with this one. Based on the popular Sonic Adventure 2 mod, it looks like this time Amy got more than Rouge curves in the exchange. Gotta love how expressive both girls are. Here is Draco Centauros from the Puyo
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Here is some Princess Peach art looking quite beefy. First we have this awesome drawing by Godforoth of Peach having a wardorbe malfunction. I just love how her bicep is so big she can touch it with her hand and the way her dress is tearing apart looks great. The castle also looks great and it is super faithful to the one in Mario 64, it even got the coins. There is also a version with "Super Princess Peach colors" here: This cute and big Peach was drawn by Manthomex. I really like just how big she looks, especially her chest and biceps. Her legs also look pretty beef and really compliment her upper body and her face makes her look pretty innocent. This is a colored version of the Manthomex drawing by otakoma16. I really like the way he handled the colors and how she added a background that really fits. Peach looks really good posing on the beach. This is a wet Peach by Nitori-Firefox. I love how sexy she looks thanks to her biting her lips and her
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Thanks for the watch and the fave

No problem, I like your work!

hi quick question do you rp