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Mello Scar Makeup Tutorial




AND NOTE: In the manga and anime, Mello's scar DOES NOT travel like a crazy thingy down to his shoulder, HOWEVER A LOT of people put the scar going down that far, so we did that version of the scar because it looks looks more like a big ass scar. So yes. you don't need to do the shoulder part, but we did. So yeah. It's really up to you!


So, after I put up my pictures of the Mello scar makeup I applied on myself, ~Plush-Mello asked me how to do it, and I thought "Hey...I'll make a tutorial!"

And here it is!

AS A NOTE: This makeup tutorial does NOT include using liquid latex, which I know some people use when they are applying the scar makeup for Mello. I used makeup exclusively, and my Mello (~BloodyHell13) got asked all night if the scar was real.
This method makes it look real and gets the point across just fine.

As a bonus, I threw in a few pictures of us all Matt-and-Mello-ed out. X3

I hope it helps...I tried to put as much info in there as I could in the simplest way possible.

Tell me what you think, and if you have any questions or comments, ask away!

Also...I'm sorry if there are any spelling mistakes.

THANKS! I hope ya like it!
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I'm so rented stop go to school in mello cosplay the scar now XD