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Morning Light

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As the sun crests over the horizon on the 15/06/2213, a new day is about to begin on this small unknown world but today is different, today the planet has a visitor circling above the clouds; a human scout ship that unwittingly ventured a bit too far into a worm hole. Fuel is running out on this rather small scout ship and pre-landing checklists are being carried out in preparation for a touchdown on the surface of the planet. Scans have shown that the planet is oxygen rich and there are no harmful gasses in large quantities. As for the life forms that inhabit the planet, it is unknown what lurks beneath the clouds.


If you're interested in making space scenes download the texture I made here: [link] and follow the link in the description to the tutorial I made on how to use it.
Enjoy Guys!
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that is a really sweet artwork! :+fav:
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thanks for the comment and fav :D :D :D
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Engineering is actually my main interest. Just sitting in orbit, you wouldn't be burning any fuel. What keeps a vessel in orbit is it's inertia; it's freefalling, but it's gliding sideways so fast, it never gets closer to the ground because the planet's surface is curved, even though it's falling almost just as fast as it would from the surface.
(For Earth, at 300 km, a safe low orbit, what the space station is at, this speed is 7,840 meters/second, about 5 miles per second, which is 10x faster than a rifle bullet ;) Anything in Low Earth orbit is going about that speed, give or take a few hundred miles an hour (for different orbital altitudes) )

What you could use for this plot device, is life support supplies. O2, N2, Food and water.
Or some other type of supply. The Space Shuttle, for instance, used Liquid H2 and O2 to power fuel cells to generate electrical power and drinking water. In order to increase it's orbit duration, NASA made an "EDO" (Extended Duration Orbiter) package that was almost entirely LH2 and LOX (Liquid Oxygen) tanks for the fuel cells, they are so vital to the Shuttle's operations.

High tech is sure to come in the future, but low-tech is always cheaper :XD:
An alternative way to "saving prices": Perhaps if the vessel was damaged in some way, whatever closed cycle or system it uses for power or life support could be damaged, giving it only a few hours on emergency reserve to de-orbit and land?

Just some thoughts from an engineering perspective ;)
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haha that's quite a comment haha
probably one of the longest i have ever recieved :P
Very interesting though, verry true what you say about inertia. I'm afraid that when i created this piece, the story in the description box was going through my mind, i didn't really think of the engeneering side of it.
Thanks for the comment though, some very interesting stuff here.
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You're welcome :)

Yeah, I'm a huge engineering buff, that's the first thing I think of in science fiction ;)

Of course, storytelling, characters, etc. are all the most important thing in any fiction, but I really appreciate good science/engineering. I almost consider Star Wars' lack of realism to be so huge it's a plot hole :XD:

Lol, yes, I have a tendency to write novels for comments. Which is a shame, because It's really hard for me to get around to actually writing novels, lol.
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Apollo 13 showed us that isn't necessarily true ;)
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that's one way of thinking about it, personally i like looking on the positive side of it...
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My God! I love it.
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thanks guys for your awesome comments :D
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That looks so awesome...:wow:
it looks real :iconawwwplz:
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Great piece!!!
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Do you write novels or anything? Description there reminds me of my own writings, I write scifi, fantasy etc.
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No i don't, but i had a bit of a story in mind when i was creating this so I inclued it in the description
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thats pretty cool. good job!
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Very cool work. Interesting concept.
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