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GVL Fractal Set 2 abstract

Fractal Set 2 by me
- use with shape dynamics and scatter for abstract background or to texture
- use the brush as part of a spacescape feature
- as a scatter-smudge brush
- texturizer
made in PSCS2 - unzip to Photoshop>;Pre-sets>Brushes
Link would be nice of you :hug: when u find a use
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I used them here [link] and here [link] Thank you for providing them!
Awesome brushes. Did this - [link]
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Yet another winner! keep up the good work~
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Used in this [link]

Thank you, this are really cool brushes.
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Gvalkyrie, this brush looks great, can I upload it at ? I can place link back to your listing or profile.
Let me know.
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thats fine :) a link back to it would be awesome
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Thanks, I posted it here: [link] and made it an admin pick
I'm sure in 3-4 days it will have some downloads nad good ratings already.
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Wow very cool!
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I used your brushes here for my background.
Very Nice Work, man! More of this ;)

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definitely thanks! :aww:
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Here's a picture a created with your help;) [link]
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AWESOME stuff :aww:
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Yay, more gvalkyrie brushes to play with! :w00t:
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:bow: lol jk. Have fun
wow amazing brushes, good job man
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but made in cs2 it wouldn't work for ps7? ;_;

[i have no idea, i'm just assuming here -crosses fingers]
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I don't know sorry, maybe not. I could possibly put up a fractal resource with all these brush renders?
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nah; didn't work. >_<
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