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Welcome, Vault Hunters

Here's a video of our Claptrap doing his thing and showing his details: here

Borderlands 2 (game by Gearbox Software) cosplay
*Guzzardi Mel Guzzardi as Zer0 (left), *Guzzardi Shenae Guzzardi as Handsome Jack (right). Both costumes, props and Claptrap are handmade and hand painted by us.

Life size Claptrap model/prop is also handmade and hand painted, fitted with internal LED lights and speakers. He is completely mobile and speaks his dialogue from the game. (Claptrap voice files belong to Gearbox Software)
Photos taken at the AMAZING event PAX Aus by Thomas Collins C:

For the photoshoot we were lucky enough to come across an awesome looking stall/booth for a horror game, making a cool Borderlands backdrop xD Posters in the background were added in post processing, the rest of the image is raw.

On tumblr

Still there, minion? by Guzzardi Protect me, squire! by Guzzardi Bloodshot Stronghold by Guzzardi Objective: End This by Guzzardi Heroes by Guzzardi

Cosplay by Shenae & Mel Guzzardi | Official Facebook Guzzardi Art & Cosplay | tumblr | Youtube | Online Portfolio | Shenae G Twitter | Mel G Twitter

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lulutetium's avatar
this is amazing, I have never seen a borderlands cosplay actually take on the very characteristic art style of the game. i am so extremely impressed ^^
Guzzardi's avatar
awwww thank you so much!! Thats a lovely thing to hear :love:
blanket86's avatar
This is so amazing. Very interesting style!
Guzzardi's avatar
Thank you so much! :la:
LilleahWest's avatar
I don't even know what this is from but I can tell that it is great cosplay, love the painterly animated effect, you don't see it done often let alone done well.
Guzzardi's avatar
ahhh thank you so much!! I'm glad you like it C:
SuriFox1's avatar
This is amazing :D I've never seen anything like it xD (Tee hee, Lilith quote xD Don't mind me)

But in all honesty, this is an amazing cosplay! I envy your work xD
Guzzardi's avatar
hehehe Lilith quotes are always appreciated XD

Thank you very much! awww I'm glad you like it! C:
SuriFox1's avatar
Dare I ask how long it took? I have always wanted to make my own cosplays. Some day (When I have the time and resources)
Guzzardi's avatar
A really freaking long time hahaha xD But anything is possible, time and resources aren't a battle when you've got passion and motivation C:
 So there's no reason why anyone wouldn't be able to make their own cosplays :)
SuriFox1's avatar
Yeah, I suppose
SweetNSpice112's avatar
amazing shot with some amazing cosplayers. 
Guzzardi's avatar
kjehfkjhersgefij awwwwww such a nice comment :iconcryforeverplz:
Damanyel's avatar
YES!!!! XD XD this is wonderful! i enjoy how it was meant for my pc wallpaper XD XD

seriously. this is very well done. good pose and great use of space!!
Guzzardi's avatar

Thank you very much, as always my dear! YOU'RE SO FREAKIN NICE
Damanyel's avatar
yes yes i did.  <3
RoxyShadowpaw's avatar
I don't know what stall/booth this was but it definitely worked for this photoshoot :D
Guzzardi's avatar
Yes it was one of the awesome indie games near the front steps! The name escapes me though D:
Lithium-Toxide's avatar
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