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High Resolution prints now available!
Dante from the new DmC, which is an amazing game!!
I painted this for a DmC contest with Playstation Australia in which entrants had to answer the question "Would you prefer to have angelic or demonic powers?" :D
Fingers crossed!! :iconpapmingplz:

on tumblr

DmC/Dante (c) Ninja Theory & Capcom

More DmC art:
Nephilim by Guzzardi

Art by Mel Guzzardi | Official Facebook Guzzardi Art & Cosplay | tumblr | Youtube | Online Portfolio | Shenae G Twitter | Mel G Twitter

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Very nice effect on Arbiter
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Aw thank you so much!!
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The swords are amazing though I still have trouble with the jumping/flying mechanics.  I don't recollect getting an SSS rating on any mission though I have gotten a few S ratings.  I have also only done the lowest difficulty yet one thing I really do like about the game aside from the combat when I'm styling towards S is the soundtrack from Noisia.
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Yeah, its got an amazing soundtrack. Bonus that I've always been a fan of Noisia!
haha I SSS'd everything in that game :XD:
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Apparently you are a better gamer at DMC than me but I'm totally fine with that because everyone has different skills at different games.

Apparently it is bit like I have some kind of patience to plot out movements for games that require stealth or I just prefer to be stealthy.

So going into games where fighting or combat is a primary method of advancing the plot - I'm not always quick to pick that up.

I got stuck at different times with every level - more so with the boss battles except maybe Bob - 'I'm just doing God's work Bob'
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No, really. It's sensational! :D
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Dude.. wow!!!
This even looks better the game graphics itself !! ..
Favorited, saved, loved, liked, Two Thumbs for you there mate! (:
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Omg WOW!! Thank you so much!! That's one of the nicest comments I've had in a long time :D
Means a lot to me that you like it! :)
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**Looks better than the game graphics <3 ,, keep it up <3
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Wow. Every time u swing Arbiter it just feels, like, über powerful! SSSensational!!!
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I agree! I love the arbiter xD
Thank you!!
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Great job on the piece btw. It looks fantastic!
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fuck off oh my go dd
Guzzardi's avatar
xDDDDD shut up youre amazing fuck off i love you :iconpapplz:
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fuck you im gonna smack ur butt xoxox
Hey man I love this peace is there a way for me to order a print of it?
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There sure is! I'll send you a note :)
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he i just saw this on facebook and made a homoerotic comment about his weapon
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you saw this on facebook? Could you send me the link?
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