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By guzu
If you don't flash, or you want to make flash comics quickly, this tool is for you!

All you have to do is to click on [Import Images] and choose all of your comic images.
Then, click on [Export SWF] and you'll get your SWF flash comic :thumbsup:

DEMO: [Link]

Notice for Chrome users
Exporting SWF is not compatible with chrome. You might want to use any other browser or download the SWF file and use it after your story is done. Other than exporting, everything works well with chrome.

Things to consider:

-Images ordered alphabetically
-Default maximum image dimensions: 700 X 500 pixels
-Some images make it crash (let me know if you face this)
-Compress your images. It is memory hungry. (Also, use: or for better file size. [Or # webp alternatively])

HELP can be found here: HELP SITE


Latest Updates:…

-Fixed a bug that prevents loading percentage to show

-Supports WEBP
-Added #WEBP to compress images during import
b-Added small help on the importer

A very old one I made for similar purpose: Comic Template 

Powered by:

Helps you convert your comic and compile it into flash. :thumbsup:

See also: WEBP Image Compressor
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© 2014 - 2021 guzu
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this actually really helpful 
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hm, pretty good. I'll totes keep this in mind.
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Let me know if you need help with it :thumbsup:
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nice! you shoud do an swf converter from .mov .avi .mp4 that kind of stuff. its just a suggestion you dont have to do that.
guzu's avatar

I'll keep the idea in mind. But if I may ask, how would you find it useful? Wouldn't getting the .mov file be more convenient?
Cyberlitabot's avatar
i cant post my videos here without an swf file or newgrounds or any flash only sites.
it sucks and youtube has become a job so i cant post anything without getting copyright issues even though i try my best not to do copyright.

so yeah. X)
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I made another comic about another comic series. Flipnote Studio Comics S1 EP.1 - A new user
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Thanks for sharing!! :hug:

Some text are hiding a bit in the top. You can add #0,50 to move image 50 pixels downwards :thumbsup:

And maybe you are interested to scale down the images to give it a better quality look, you can try use #scale80 or any other number. This will scale the image to 80% :thumbsup:
Let me know if it work well.

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I can't get it to download all 55 images in mozilla firefox, can you help me out?
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It should work perfectly on firefox!
1-Did you hit import and select all images? Or did you just select one?
2-Does it show you a preview of all images? Can you navigate?
3-What happens when you hit export?
(Does it ask you where to download it? Does it show you an error? Or does it do nothing?)
4-Try reducing the number of selected images? Does it work?
real-angelthegamer's avatar
1. I selected all 55 images
2. It shows a preview and i can navigate
3. nothing pops up, it freezes the tab for 10 seconds
4. it tested it with less images & it works, but your example uses 210 images.
Hopefully you can come up with a solution.
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Let me know if you can share the images with me.

I am suspecting the following:
1-There is one image that is breaking the code. Some images just don't work and need recompressing.
2-The total size of images is just too big. I've just tested over 10MB and it works just fine.
3-Maybe firefox is limiting the time for flash to do its work. You might want to download the file if that's the case. I still need to experiment with this theory.

Current solutions to these problems all go into recompressing or separating images.
A-Compress images and make sure they are not huge.
B-Split it to 2 parts.
C-Compress by adding tag #WebP50 to the end of the file names (Just before the .JPG). This will compress during the import.

I guess I'll modify the file to hunt error messages.

I've just modified the script time limit in flash options to 60 seconds. Let me know if this solves the problem.
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It worked, i put the tag after every file and it worked better now that you changed the time. thanks for the help, if you want to see the comic, see my gallery.
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Guess it was because of the file size of the images. Usually scanning gets you a big image file size, and you got it compressed by using that tag :thumbsup:

You can compare. For 55 images, you get 2MB. See how big the images are on your hard drive =D
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Cool! Might have to look more into this! :D
guzu's avatar
Let me know if you need help with it :thumbsup:
JoyofCrimeArt's avatar
So how exactly does this work?
guzu's avatar
Hit import, choose all images, and done!
Then, choose export(doesn't work on chrome) and you get your swf! :thumbsup:

.if you get that, you are ready for advanced use of it =D
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Huh, this is really good! I might use this for editing my physical comics into e-comics, thanks for the link.
guzu's avatar
You're welcome!
Let me know if you need any help with it :thumbsup:
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Really cool. Have you ever looked into stuff for doing the choose your own adventure illustrated novels that seem to be getting popular?
guzu's avatar
Well, I've played the walking dead. Is it something similar?
It can actually be done to some level, if you are interested. You can use the #Button to jump to different frames. So you can place choices and when player clicks, comic goes to the frame of that story part. :thumbsup:
Pepper-Head's avatar
I'd definitely be interested in using this some day !!!
Thank you for this helpful tool!
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